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What’s In My Suitcase: Favourite Travel Items For An Eid Holiday

What's coming with me: My Favourite Travel Items For An Eid Holiday

With Eid over I am heading to some sunny places (hopefully) and I can’t wait to enjoy sunbathing and relaxing. I am actually planning on taking 5 days “off” while on holiday to simply enjoy the scenery and re-charge. I thought I will do a post of my favourite travel items for an Eid Holiday, all the things coming with me. This is predominantly a travel blog, but there are some cool sites and places I have found that I want to share with you. Plus it’s all about looking and feeling fabulous as Muslim women on holiday.

I remember before I become Muslim my favourite part was shopping for summer beach clothes! Now I do the same just mostly online and looking for more modest options. I am so glad that more and more brand and fashion options are becoming available. 

Affordable Stylish Muslim Clothes

What's coming with me: My Favourite Travel Items For An Eid Holiday

Modanisa is picking up very fast as an online Muslim retailer. It was named as the number one retailer in the Global Islamic economy report in 2016. I love Modanisa and have been buying from them for 3-4 years now before their site was even translated into English. I had to use Google translate. 🙂

The clothes are very affordable, good quality, Turkey is known for its textile industry and the shipping is fast! I mean I ordered on a Sunday and I had my clothes on Thursday. This is great considering my Tesco furniture order took longer.

95% of their clothes are modest and you can find anything and everything under the sun. I love waiting for their 3 for 2 offers or the free shipping offer if I am ordering large quantities.

Tip: Make sure you order the correct sizes or you have to pay for return shipping.

Pin Free Hijabs

What's coming with me: My Favourite Travel Items For An Eid Holiday

The ladies at Ajmaan hijabs approached me to test out their pin free hijab. I have to say I was totally intrigued by this and actually didn’t believe it to be true. I have to report that it is true and I am happy since I usually lose all of my pins and end up stressing that my scarf will fly away.

I also bought another one during the Muslim Lifestyle Show in London and I have to say they are pretty good. They do stay in place and I prayed Ramadan and Taraweeh in them without worrying. I am packing mine on this trip as I like how it drapes plus it turns into a turban as well without slipping.

Initially, I had difficulty using them as they recommend, they do have a tutorial to help with that and they did show me. I decided to create my own style and I like it. I like how they are two colours and work well around my face. You can see a video on me wearing it here.

Hello Burkini

What's coming with me: My Favourite Travel Items For An Eid Holiday

I had bought my first Burkini from Modanisa 3 years ago and I used it quite a lot, however it is not what I call stylish. I was searching for some other alternatives more modern ones and came across Assila Swimwear France on Instagram. I like that there are so many new Muslim-Friendly brands starting up and it’s great to try them out. They are priced well and they are more stylish, I like the colours and the fact that they cover my neck my current swimsuit doesn’t. They also have cover-ups which I was looking to find in swimsuit material as I wanted to wear one on the beach even without swimming. You can find their website here, currently, they are also offering 20% discount on their swimwear. 

Tip: Make sure you order the right size. Mine is a little tight but I like the cover ups they have, perfect if you want to cover with something longer. I also love how you can secure the top to the bottom of the burkini in case it tried to roll up and show skin! Genius

Travel Friendly Handbag

What's coming with me: My Favourite Travel Items For An Eid Holiday

I love this handbag from Micheal Kors and until now I didn’t know it is called the travel bag. I bought it last year and have been using it since for my travels. It is the same bright blue colour as in the photo, I love the colour. This bag fits everything I need, My camera, my phone, money, passport and selfie stick as well. Because it is made of stiff leather it doesn’t squash plus it has a zip and it is a crossbody. So when I am exploring it is perfect to keep my valuables with me and handy to have my camera for the thousand photos I take for the blog.

Travel Pillow

What's coming with me: My Favourite Travel Items For An Eid Holiday

Now I am boarding a 13-hour flight in economy, so I need some comfort. I decided to opt for a good quality travel pillow to take with me. I always prefer the window seat and this way I can relax and snooze a little. Otherwise, my husband might not be the happiest person on earth. Last time I was way too grumpy! – My Ramadan dua was to be upgraded to business class! 😉 Let’s see how this pans out.

Stay Protected

What's coming with me: My Favourite Travel Items For An Eid Holiday

I am totally making dua for Sun and not rain so I am packing my suncream in as well! I opted for the traditional Nivea the one we know and trust. Suncream is always very important. Last year during my hijab free holiday in Crete I burned so badly that it spoiled my holiday. Never again, now the sun cream was the first thing that came in the bag, I might also get my mint gel for after-burn just in case. 🙂

Face Moisturiser

What's coming with me: My Favourite Travel Items For An Eid Holiday

With wudu and with the plane air being so dry my skin goes from being oily turned into dry. After trying every brand under the sun I opted for L’Occitane but you can use any other. I just find this perfect for my skin, though I hate the smell. I think I will be emailing them asking for better smell on their creams next time.


What's coming with me: My Favourite Travel Items For An Eid Holiday

I am on the look out for some recommendations on books to read while counting the hours to arrive at my destination. My husband keeps asking me if I have downloaded movies and I keep telling him the plane has some. But definitely, if you are flying on a long haul entertainment is essential. I also like to take this time with no internet access and clear out my computer from everything I have downloaded and don’t need. Make sure you have something with you, otherwise it will be a very long flight. Plus you will need something while relaxing by the pool.

I am totally excited and cannot wait to share with you the places I will be visiting. They are definitely more of a work holiday but in a nice way! Follow me on snapchat for more inshaAllah @muslimtravelgrl

I would love to hear what are you packing in your summer suitcases. Let me know in the comments below, plus if you want more of these posts. 😉

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