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America’s worst airline for customer satisfaction is…

Seriously I don’t fly American Airlines much, since I am based in the UK but I would have thought that American Airlines would be top of the list for being the worst. I have never had such a bad experience whether it is customer service, food or aircraft quality.

I travelled with American Airlines on my last trip to the US from Los Angeles to London and seriously after about 6 hours I was ready to commit murder. I have no idea how my husband managed to listen to me complaining for the next 5 hours. Kudos to him.

But seriously, I didn’t expect American & US airlines ( before the merger) to be so bad. I thought that sometimes the Middle Eastern crew are rude… Oh, and what about half cups of coke? I know sharing is caring but really considering how expensive some of the US domestic legs are I think I deserve a full cup. 🙂

Apparently though I was lucky enough not to have flown Spirit Airlines. Since they are the winner of the worst airline for customer satisfaction according to CNN. At least now I will know what to avoid next time.

spirit airlines

According to the American customer satisfaction travel index Spirit airlines scored 54 out of 100, with industry average being 74. Oops..

Check the full article here. 


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