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How to save real cash with the worst-kept secret in Dubai; the Entertainer app

One of the worst-kept secrets of expat life is the Entertainer app., a coupon offering service. The app has been around for many years, and I have known people that have used it just for going to vacation in Dubai, now I think is one of the best ways for families to save cash.

The Entertainer app was set up by an expat couple living in Dubai, when it started it was a paperback version, today you can have the online app as well. It includes 2for1 coupon offers on selected meals, hotels, activities and much more. It has grown so much that it is in several countries now not only in the UAE.

You can find a link for the app here.

How to save real cash with the worst-kept secret in Dubai; the Entertainer app

When we arrived in Doha people used to say we need to get the app, so we did. The new offers are available from January to December each year, and you have to buy every year to use them. We bought the online app for £89, and so far we have used and saved over £600 with it, you can also buy it in the middle of the year for example for half the price!

The app works great if you are a couple or a family of 4, 6, 8 etc., basically an even number.

Why? Because the offers are always 2for1, so you buy one meal, and you get one free. It can also work on buying it alone for example and using the second option later as I do with my massages. – A girl got to take care of herself, and with 2for1 it’s even better. 😉

Here is why I think this is perfect if you are visiting one of the Entertainer app countries:

First of all, you can use the app for 2for1 hotels in a city like Dubai. It can be much cheaper for luxury stays, meals, activities and more that otherwise, you won’t be able to afford. Or if you need to book two rooms instead of one, you can also use the app for this.

Activities in Dubai can be super expensive, but with the 2for1 option, this is half price.

Why not enjoy a brunch or a nice restaurant, when on holiday we always eat out so why not save on this, from fast food to luxury brunches to Michelin restaurants you can enjoy some savings. You can have a discount in some of the best restaurants in town.Massages, spas and other offers are also available; I mean what of a holiday is complete without a pampering experience too?!

Tours they are also offering safari tours and guided tours with 2for1 which is a perfect way to explore the city.

How to save real cash with the worst-kept secret in Dubai; the Entertainer app

With a one-off payment of £89, you can enjoy a unique trip and save a considerable amount of money.

What I recommend

What I recommend you do is try and either get the app if you know you will use a significant amount of the offers or get the book and then you can split it with a family or a friend who will be visiting too.

Each restaurant, activity etc. comes with 3 offers so if you have 4 or 6 people this will be enough for one time.

For example, a safari tour costs around £40, but if you are booking two of these anyways for your family and you have already paid for the app, every saving on top is a bonus! You can easily save hundreds when you plan and use the app correctly. You can always download the app and check it out; they are offering one offer for free as a tester. This way you can see which of the offers you are more likely to use on your visit and make sure your savings are covering the cost of the app.

How to save real cash with the worst-kept secret in Dubai; the Entertainer app

I didn’t expect I will be using the app, but I have to say I am super happy we bought it. We have had great experiences and savings with it. I am currently eyeing up golf classes, diving classes, more messages and of course foodie experiences. I can’t wait for the family to come and visit and take them out for a meal. 😉

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