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Oops I did it again… booked the wrong train! Now what?

wrong tickets

Has it ever happened to you? Booking the wrong ticket for a train, flight, coach or hotel? I am sure it has probably happened once or twice. Maybe more.

In my case it has happened in all the above mentioned situations more than once. I have booked tickets for wrong hotel days, airline flights on the wrong date and I only found out when I went to the airport. My latest one to add to my list is that I booked the wrong train from the wrong city while in Italy. 🙂

I am currently in Italy for the Travel Blogger Destination Italy event and my mum is with me. My plan was to visit Venice after the event to sightsee. it sounded perfect since it is only 1.5 hours away from TBDI. Unfortunately today I opened the train tickets which I had booked while I was in the UK only to discover I booked a mistaken Italian city 1.5 hours away on a non refundable option.

Now, my family including my mother knows about my issue with me booking the wrong tickets; when I told her she just laughed.

Thank goodness she has a sense of humour! I am also very happy that Italian trains are much cheaper to book than the British ones. If I were to book this in the UK should have cost me several hundred pounds instead of the £30 I will have to pay now.

The lesson?

I am not really sure yet. I am not the best to give advice on never booking the wrong ticket. It obviously doesn’t work for me. I always triple check my hotel reservations and trains and I still make mistakes. 🙂

The best advice I can give is ask someone else to check them for you and write the itinerary, especially if it has numerous destinations, on a piece of paper

Have you ever booked the wrong tickets? Please say yes 🙂

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