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Inspirational Muslim Women Share Their Best Travel Tips for Hassle-Free Travel

Travel Tips From Inspirational Muslim Women

There are so many Muslim women who simply rock! I love meeting them, talking to them, and asking them questions. So I thought I will ask them what they do to make their travelling more comfortable. Check out below what they have to say and make sure you follow them 🙂

Also, don’t forget to share with us your best travel tips too! 

1005581_10201146740932301_875583090_nFor zero jet lag, I stay awake until my normal bedtime, have a 20-minute bath, Epsom salts, and essential oils, 5 mg of melatonin, and go to sleep. I print all details – car rental, hotel, flights, passport and leave copies with my family. I take my own water bottle and ask the flight attendant to fill it.

Fatima Omar – Founder of Spiritual Biz Mom

Yvonne-FB-cover-and-website-about-276x300When I travel I try to take what I feel are essentials and suggest others do the same, if possible: apple cider vinegar, honey, black seed, yogurt, and aspirin. They are great just in case something you eat does not sit well with you, you start to feel sick or have a headache for any reason.

They are also time-consuming to look for and difficult to find on the road, especially in an emergency. Most importantly, take a book of du’a such as Fortress of the Muslim so that you are always equipped with the power of prayer.

Yvonne Maffei – Founder & Publisher of My Halal Kitchen 

Professional-shot-circle-1When traveling, I look up unique places to stay on You get unique, comfortable, fully stocked places to stay in for almost the same price as a hotel. And if you can spend a little more, you can stay in luxurious homes with private hot tubs, gardens, and pools.

Megan Wyatt – Founder of Wives of Jannah 

PIC_0031_360x202I have been known to bring a bag of unripened avocados on a trip with me. Why? Because when you bring your own food while traveling, you will save money and time, nourish your body, eat yummier food, and decrease your chances of getting sick.

Staying at a hotel? Make sure you have a mini-fridge in your room. Am I saying you should never eat out? No, but restaurants do not have to be the first option and you do not need a kitchen to stay healthy.

Yasmin Essa, HC, AADP –

I use clear plastic zipper bags in which pillowcases and other textiles are sold to store toiletries.  The bags are much sturdier than food storage bags, and they are easy to see through.

What I do is store different “classes” of toiletries in the food storage bags (teeth cleaning in one bag, hair care in another, etc.) and then throw them all in the pillowcase bag.

Debora McNichol


My travel tip is to shorten annoying scanner time by avoiding lace-up shoes and emptying your (and the kids’) pockets into your carry on bag.

Monica Boddie

Travelling with young children is a stressful event for any mom when it comes to packing. It is hard to fit everything in one or two bags and be able to find the right thing at the right time. This was my case for any weekend trip or week-long vacation with two kids until I found an amazing solution for my packing trouble. It is the packing cubes.

These zipped mesh bag-like organizers come in so many different sizes and now these make my trips a breeze to organize kids and our staff. I am amazed at how the same amount of clothing and items fit neatly in one suitcase with these cubes which otherwise would be a battle to put together.

I highly recommend these packing cubes for any traveler. It makes our hotel stays much easier when we travel.

Sadia Karim – Founder & CEO of Yurizk

I travel everywhere with my two young kids. Plane trips can be especially difficult with small children. From experience, I have found it is essential to have snacks on hand.

You cannot pin your hopes on plane food, it is not always great and you do not want to take that chance, hungry kids make cranky kids and that is a definite no while travelling. Pack snacks that will last, and are healthy and filling.

Throw in a treat too, just to keep them going. Also, carry some empty reusable bottles for the kids which can be filled on request. While you are packing those snacks, do not forget to add some energy-packed snacks for yourself too.

Faaiza Osman – Modest Munchies

saiyyidah_1438204623_56The Prophet, peace, and blessings upon him said words to the effect of ‘live in this world as if you are a traveler.’ The problem is these days when we travel we take the world and the kitchen sink with us and then come back tired and shattered. That is not what travel is about.

So, my most important tip is to travel light. You will find a launderette everywhere, and if you do not, then clean your clothes in the bathroom sink in your hotel and drip dry over the bath. I managed 5 weeks on holiday with 2 abayas, 2 pairs of trousers, 3 tops, 3 sets of underwear, and 3 hijabs.

The best time to have a capsule wardrobe is when you travel, then you do not have to bother to check in luggage and you can land and get out of the airport in less than 30 minutes.

 Saiyyidah Zaidi –  Expert Growth Coach & Positive Psychologist


My favorite travel hack so far is all about squeezing more travel into one trip. Last year I bought a ticket to visit family and chose a flight that had long layovers. I had a 10-hour layover in NY and a 23-hour layover in London.

I booked a “layover” tour with a private tour guide in NY and headed back to the airport. Spent 2 weeks visiting my family and on my return trip, spent the day touring London with one of my best friends. So for the cost of one ticket, I got THREE trips in one!

Manal Khalife – Stress Management Coach

“My Travel tip for you is to invest in Packing organisers by Eagle Creek. They help you keep everything in place, from your workout clothes to fancy evening wear or your dirty lingerie and trainers without the fear of soiling other things in your bag.

Having packing organizers will definitely guarantee you peace of mind and A LOT of space in your bag. Plus when you have to search for something you do not have to arrange and rearrange everything. Just a simple tag on every bag would be a time-saving reminder and a productivity tip. “

Shamsiya Noorul Quloob – Editor-in-Chief & Manager

089c180Hanging toiletry bag. Gotta have one. It is so convenient because it not only fits all of your travel-sized items but also hangs on your bathroom door. No more things all over the place. Keep a double of all the toiletries you need so that when it is time to travel, you do not need to pack anything. Just throw it in your suitcase and go.

Iman Kouvalis – Strategy Consultant

Living in Morocco for six years, I have learned that every day is another chance for me to learn something new, and likely misunderstand something. Just when I think I have the hang of Moroccan cultures – nope, I get another surprise.

Even when I think I understand what has been said, I often don’t understand the inference, the subtext, or what wasn’t said. I could easily spend a great deal of my time in Morocco being offended or worse offensive by making hasty assumptions and judgments.

So what I have learned to do as I travel through Morocco (culture changes city to city!) is to practice two great sunnahs: first, always use my best manners (even if they are a little off) and secondly, always make excuses for people – never assume the worst or ill, just keep traveling through.

Brooke Benoit – World Editor at SISTERS

sairaMy most important travel tip is to set your goals/expectations. When we take a trip, we usually have something we hope to get out of the experience.

Maybe it’s to see something, or perhaps it’s to just relax. But whatever your expectations are, it is good to identify them and sync them with those you are travelling with.

Travel can be filled with meaningful experiences, but when expectations are not met, sometimes it leaves us feeling discontent and bitter. Before each trip, my husband and I write down 3-4 objectives. This has always helped us enjoy our trips more.

Saira Siddiqui – Blogger at Confessions of a Muslim Mom

downloadMany people travel and come back exactly like how they left without being touched or changed by the trip. I call that “Bubble Travelling.” Sometimes it is very easy to stay in one little familiar bubble whilst travelling going from A to B by prior booked transports on excursions organized by the hotel and forgetting to explore beyond that point.

My biggest travel tip is to set up out of the bubble. The whole point of travelling is to expand your horizons and to break the usual routine. Try to experience the place on foot. Be spontaneous (and safe!) in your plans. Allow some free time to just wander and take the beauty of the place. Always appreciate your ability to travel and show your gratitude to the locals by making an effort with smiling and speaking to them in their language even if it’s to say hi or thank you.

 Esra Alhamal – Interior Designer & Travel Blogger

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