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10 Most Delicious Halal Food Restaurants in Orlando Florida. Must Try!

With tourism on the rise, the “Sunshine State” has become a popular destination amongst Muslim travellers. 

Many are attracted to Florida’s natural beauty and warm weather enjoying the many beaches and State Parks.

Many Muslims specifically visit Orlando in Central Florida, because of the family-friendly theme parks like Universal Studios, Disney and Legoland to name a few. But Orlando is also home to many other attractions like the Orlando Eye, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and the House of Wonders. And then there’s the option to shop with Outlet Shopping centres and upscale malls like the Mall of Millenia.

Watch our Youtube series on Muslim-Friendly Disneyworld.

For Muslims in particular, Orlando is home to arguably the most beautiful mosque in America, Masjid al-Hayy which recently opened its doors to worshippers.

halal food restaurants in orlando

Located in Sanford, on the northern tip of the Greater Orlando area, this mosque is worth the visit as it is a point of pride and inspiration amongst the local Muslim community.

Travelling to a new city can pose challenges when it comes to eating. Thankfully, there are many Halal food options in Orlando. These restaurants cater to all cooking traditions, tastes and budgets, so you’ll always find what you need.

Masjid al-Hayy |Halal Food Restaurants in Orlando Florida

Photo Credit Riz Photography 

We have made a list of Halal food restaurants in Orlando. This list provides you with a good starting point of Halal restaurants to explore as you travel across Orlando, also known as “the City Beautiful”. This list focuses on Muslim owned businesses who offer full Halal menus for visitors.

O’town Burger and Wings: The Best Halal Restaurant in Orlando 

This Halal fast-food spot opened in 2016. The introduction of their chargrilled Halal Angus Beef burger revolutionized the burger game in Orlando. They raised the bar and earned themselves the top spot on our list “10 Most Delicious Halal Food Restaurants in Florida.”

Topped with the special secret Pink Sauce, the burgers taste heavenly. These have mastered the art of cooking meat. 

They offer the burger as a quarter pound, half a pound or three-quarter pound and even a one-pound version. 

Meat + Meat + Cheese = 🤤❤️

O Town Burgers Halal Food Restaurants in Orlando Florida a gyro dish prepared

Photo Credit

Located about 20 minutes away from the Tourist District and Theme Parks, it is well worth the drive. 

Despite the compact space, this restaurant can accommodate both large and small dining parties. There is ample parking in front.

Pro-tip: If you can, choose to dine. The fresher the burgers, the better it will taste.

Oh, My Gyro! (OMG!): Most delicious Halal Beef Available in Orlando Florida

This family-owned Halal restaurant opened in 2016 and has been pleasing diners from all around the city. 

The family(owners), originally from the “Big Apple” moved the “Orange State” bringing the Halal Street Food craze with them. 

The iconic dish of grilled chicken or gyro served over a bed of rice and salad in a tin bowl is front and centre on their menu. Be sure to top it off with a generous amount of White Sauce. 

oh my gyro chicken and chips in Halal Food Restaurants in Orlando Florida

Photo Credit Halal Food Guru

They have truly embraced the Southern hospitality culture, making you feel like part of their family with unmatched customer service.

The menu has expanded as they use their East-African heritage for improvising dishes like Beef Mishkaki. 

I recommend you to visit Oh My Gyro if you get a chance. It is one of the best halal restaurants in Orlando.

Cozee Café: Halal Restaurant in Orlando Especially for Families

Located in Lake Mary, on the northern end of Orlando, this Halal spot provides a trendy and comfortable atmosphere for friends and family to enjoy a casual dinner. 

There is indoor and outdoor seating to take full advantage of the Floridian weather.

The menu evolves to keep things fresh and new for customers.

The café pulls from their American, East-African and Indian heritage to deliver new inspiring twists on classic dishes.

American halal options in Florida

Photo credit: Cozee Cafe

With this creative mindset, they have created some must-try dishes earning them a spot on our list. 

They are well known for their breakfast menu and offer a selection of full breakfasts that will carry you throughout the day. 

After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Right? 

If you disagree and feel that dessert is more important, they have you covered too, with an array of desserts and coffee to try. A popular dessert is the Ferrero Rocher Milkshake. Your taste buds will thank you. 

Pro-tip: If you are a calorie watcher, stay away from the dessert options here. They will ruin you. 😋 

Flame Kabob: The best Halal food available in Orlando

Located in the “Restaurants Row” off SandLake Road, Flame Kabob is well known for its middle-eastern menu among the locals.

It is a popular destination for lunch and dinner. Many patrons opt for the wraps and sandwiches like the Chicken Shawarma and Shish Tawook.

flame kabob chicken and rice in Halal Food Restaurants in Orlando Florida

Photo Credit Flame Kabob

The restaurant has several large windows to let natural lighting in, which accentuates the Middle-Eastern décor inside.

The atmosphere is calming, which is best for families looking for some peace after a long day of screaming at the theme parks.

There is ample parking in front of the restaurant.

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Charcoal Zyka: Indian Halal Restaurant in Orlando Florida 

This Halal Indian restaurant has been around for the better part of a decade. While they pride themselves on their excellent Indian menu, most locals stop in for their strong BBQ menu, which is unmatched in the area.

A popular item is the Portuguese rotisserie chicken coated in their spicy sauce. 

They also offer steaks and short ribs which many meat lovers enjoy. It is close to the off-ramp of I-528, making it easy to reach for both locals and visitors.

Charcoal Zyka chicken and salad in Halal Food Restaurants in Orlando Florida

Photo Credit Charcoal Zyka

It is also one of the most popular halal spots within striking distance of Universal Studios, Seaworld and I-Drive making it a convenient choice for Muslims travellers looking for great Halal eats. 

The booths inside can accommodate a gathering of 4 to 6. However, the tables in the centre of the restaurant can help accommodate larger parties. 

There is plenty of parking in front of the restaurant, a must-try for both the Indian and BBQ menu.

Ahmed Indian Restaurant: Best for Halal Buffet

Ahmed Indian Restaurant is a perfect choice for you to have some delicious Halal food. As the name suggests, this is an Indian restaurant located in Orlando Florida. 

If you are visiting Orlando from India, you will not find any other perfect match to eat Halal food in Orlando.

It is a well known and popular Halal restaurant, known for its buffet and Indian menu.

Halal food in florida

Buffet option in lunch is available from 10:30 AM-3:30 PM. This buffet contains 16 main entrée items, three desserts and other condiments like chutneys, raita, onion, etc. The butter chicken and the tandoori chicken are gratifying. 

The food quality is also better when compared to other restaurants. 

Ahmed Indian Restaurant provides 100% free food.

Halal Food Express: Best for Mediterranean Halal Dishes

Halal Food Express is the other famous halal restaurant located in Orlando, near Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

This restaurant is suitable for both couples and families. If you are at the Universal Studio, you will find that halal food express is the only best halal restaurant available nearby and serves the best chicken shawarma.

Even in the park, you will not get a halal restaurant.

Mediterranean Halal Dishes

Other than chicken shawarma, the gyro is another popular dish at Halal food express. Gyro is a Greek dish of roasted meat served in a pita, usually with tomato, onion, cucumber and various spices.

The service of the restaurant is impressive and fast.

The Halal Guys: Best Authentic Halal Food

The Halal Guys were founded by three Egyptian founders, who first used to sell hot dogs in New York City.

Then Private to selling halal food to Muslim taxi drivers who at that time had a few outlets for authentic halal food in the five boroughs. Here their famous dishes like platters of chicken and gyro over rice, falafel sandwiches and crave sauces were born. These dishes are worth every penny.

the halal guys

The Halal Guys is a budget-friendly place with fresh halal food. You can get chicken over rice just for $7, the portion of food they provide at this price is a lot; as compared to the other halal food options. This makes the halal guys one of the best halal food restaurants in Orlando.

Café 34 Istanbul: Halal Food with drinks in Orlando

Café 34 Istanbul is a Turkish halal restaurant located in Orlando, Florida. When visiting this restaurant, you can feel the Turkish vibe. If you are from Turkey, this is the best halal restaurant you can find. 

Café 34 Istanbul uses imported spices from Turkey; which makes its dishes unique from other halal restaurants in Orlando. 

Halal cafe in florida

You can also enjoy the outdoor sitting facility in Café 34 Istanbul. These little details make it a must-visit for those who love Turkish food. 

Café 34 Istanbul also provides hookah and drinks along with food. For drinks, you can get various varieties like Beer, Wine, Other Liquor, Cocktails, etc. Other than this, Café 34 Istanbul has three menus, Lunch Menu from 11:30 AM-6:00 PM, Dinner Menu 6:00 PM-1:00 AM, After Hours Menu 1:00 AM-6:00 AM.

The restaurant only remains closed from 6:00 AM to 11:30 AM.  

Chaat House: One of the Oldest Halal food restaurant in Orlando

Chaat house was founded in 2005. It is one of the oldest halal food restaurants in Orlando. 

In 2005 Chaat House used to have only five items on their menu. Their delicious taste never lets them look back and serves 70+ dishes today.

Chaat house with halal food in florida

Chaat house serves Indian, Pakistani, American and Chinese halal dishes. This is a place where everyone can visit and enjoy great halal food with friends and family. 

Along with the delicious food, you will love the customer service here. It is a value for money. 

Pro-tip: Many people who visit Chaat Housekeep talking about their Pakistani dishes, so do check out their Pakistani dishes.

These are my top 10 halal food restaurants in Orlando, Florida.

If you are planning on travelling to Florida, we wish you a happy journey.

Florida has much to offer to visitors from beaches to theme parks. While exploring all those attractions, it’s easy to build up an appetite. 

With so many halal food restaurants in Orlando, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs wherever you are in the city. 

Are you looking for more Halal meal destinations in Florida in great cities like Orlando, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville or Miami? 

Check out our website as we post in-depth, honest reviews to help take the mystery to work out researching where to eat on your next trip to the “Sunshine State”.


Thanks to our friends over at Halal Food Guru who was more than happy to share with us their favourite halal food restaurants in Orlando. Make sure you check out his Instagram too. 

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