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Grand Hyatt Al Khobar Hotel Review – Amazing Female Only Spa

We often stay in hotels, but there are very few times that I can say they are memorable. The Grand Hyatt Al Khobar hotel is one of them for sure. 

The property (when we stayed) was only 6 months old which usually means that there are still some things to be ironed out, however in my opinion everything was very smooth. 

Grand Hyatt Al Khobar

My husband is a Globalist after living in a Hilton for nearly 6 months. So we do choose to stay in Hyatt properties, which are plenty in the Middle East. 

The Grand Hyatt Al Khobar is a new property as mentioned that also connects to the Al Rashid Mall. The Mall in itself is a little older but great if you want to walk around, eat or buy a few things from the supermarket. There is a direct passage from the first floor of the hotel. 

entry grand hyatt al khobar


One feature I loved was the closed garden and coffee shop behind the check-in desk, which has a fantastic ambience during the evening. The weather was also great and because it is enclosed it from the buildings it was also chiller. 

Our check-in was smooth and we were upgraded to a Grand Suite which was great. They were efficient in asking only for one passport and were done in less than 10minutes. 

reception area grand hyatt al khobar

Reception area

The Suite 

The suite itself was fantastic, with large windows, plenty of space in the living room, a huge bathroom and a nice dining table. I also love that it had a guest bedroom which is very convenient when you have three adults and one is sleeping in the living room.

living room of Grand hyatt al khobar suite

living room

I could truly live there and be happy. 

dining room grand hyatt al khobar review

We received a welcome amenity every day, which consisted of water and a fruit basket. 

One thing I love doing when travelling with a toddler is to turn the sofa into a bed for her and just push it closer to my bed. This way we avoid the kicking at night and provide her with her own space but close enough to us. 

Grand Hyatt khobar review bedroom suite

This worked great in this property and it had plenty of space to move around as well. 

bathroom grand hyatt al khobar


Breakfast was fantastic as there was plenty of options to choose from. The buffer was great with choices of hot options, as well as cooked eggs you could order. 

grand hyatt al khobar restaurant


I loved their smoothies which they made every morning. 

Also, the customer service was fantastic and they were a great distraction with Sophia so we could enjoy our food. Always appreciate the small things in life! 

The Executive Lounge 

As globalists you get access to the executive lounge, honestly even without a status I would happily pay for lounge access especially now that I have a child. It just gives you extra space for yourself and snacks and drinks. 

executive lounge view grand hyatt al khobar

executive lounge

There was plenty of room in the lounge and as it was on the 11th floor you could see the Saudi-Bahrain bridge. 

Grand Hyatt Al Khobar hotel review- executive lounge

Executive lounge

Every evening they had snacks / small sandwiches and some hot options. The first night we had Chinese style chicken, the second we had Arabic kofta, and sushi. I expected really small snacks but in some European hotels but actually, their options were decent for a meal. 

snacks at executive lounge

snacks in the executive lounge

We never saw the lounge being too busy and in some afternoons when I took Sophia upstairs we were the only ones, which makes it easier for her to run around and burn her energy. 


Speaking of burning energy at the Grand Hyatt Al Khobar. 

Grand hyatt women only spa

spa sitting area

Their women-only spa was amazing! The pool was fantastic and the ambience was great. We could truly relax and enjoy ourselves. I loved the fact they had a segregated spa for women only because not many properties do. 

women only pool grand hyatt al khobar

women-only swimming pool and spa

There was a small gym, a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and also an ice room. 

hamam women spa only grand hyatt al khobar

However, the best part for me was the kids soft area they had just off the jacuzzi where your kids can play while you enjoy the spa. 

Sophia loved the space and she kept asking to go down there and play. 

play area grand hyatt al khobar

I hadn’t seen this before, but now I wonder why not many hotels have this option! I advocate for adding this to every spa because especially with a toddler it was so much easier.

Yes, I couldn’t leave her unattended but the fact we could enjoy some play and relaxation was definitely great.

The corniche from the hotel was a 10minutes drive as well as Itra, the Aramco Cultural centre which is definitely worth visiting. Because the property is located in a major road artery it was easy to get in and out of the city. 

garden grand hyatt al khobar

Garden cafe

You can read the Tripadvisor reviews here and book here on

Overall I loved the Grand Hyatt Al Khobar and I will happily return again. The property is new, customer service was great, the executive lounge was fantastic to work and relax and for me of course the Spa was my happy place. If you are visiting Al Khobar then this is a great hotel to stay. 

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