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Dear Tourists Please Stop Posting Your Photos on TripAdvisor

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I love Tripadvisor and I use it every time I need to check out a hotel. Me and other millions of travellers a year. 

However, today is the day that I tell people to stop posting their photos on this platform. 

From my understanding, TripAdvisor is there to help you see the facilities of a hotel, read the reviews of other people and NOT check out your holiday photos. 

I don’t know if I am the only person who gets super annoyed with this, but why do you have to post photos of yourself on a platform viewed by millions a year?!! (don’t answer it’s a rhetorical question) 

Seriously I have seen some “amazing” photos with men in the pool, women lying in the bed, single guys doing selfies, couples kissing. Just in case all these people missed it, this is TripAdvisor and not your Facebook or Tinder profile. 

I hate it when I go to check out a hotel, read the reviews, click through the photos and I see 10 photos of a person in different poses. I mean where is the community benefit in this. On my profile, I always try to review a hotel and post photos that will benefit others. I know many many people do this and I am grateful to them for that but every time I go to the website and I view a hotel I find one such photo. And the old feeling comes alive. 

As you can imagine I have just been checking a hotel review on TripAdvisor but I did have to rant about it here. I am pretty sure, I am not the only person feeling “mildly” annoyed.

P.s. I decided not the share any photos for this post, since I didn’t want to shame anyone. But I am sure it’s not hard to find them yourself on the website.

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