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Buy Hilton Points offer with 75% extra – Good deal for Umrah

Buy Hilton Points Hilton is having a new promotion for buying Hilton points giving you up to 75% extra points if you buy until 5th of October.

These promotions come from time to time with pretty much all hotel chains and sometimes make great sense to buy points. I bought some in the previous Hilton offer which was giving 100% bonus points.

Is it a good deal?

Hilton allows you to buy up to 80,000 points per year and with the offers they have, you can double this like I did earlier this year.

Currently, they have up to 75% extra points until the 5th of October. Still a decent deal if you have immediate use of the points. 

The offer is 

Buy 10,000-29,000 points receive 25% extra

Buy 30,000-39,000 points receive 50% extra

Buy 40,000 or more points and receive 75% extra

Now people value those points differently; of course, they carry a cost because effectively you have paid for the points one way or another. I tend to value the points at around 0.005 per point because I don’t have many of them.

If you are someone who has plenty of stays or your company pays for your hotel then you will value you them differently. In our case we pay for our stays and the points we buy. However I have saved a lot of cash when using points or cash and points. In some occasions, it has been cheaper for me to buy points than use cash.

Should you buy

This totally depends on you and your travel strategies. Do you have any immediate travel plans now? If you do and you have a property in mind then it might make sense to buy some points and use them, especially if paying by cash is expensive.

If you don’t have any immediate travel plans you might want to wait and see if another 100% bonus deal will come along. Of course, you run the risk of Hilton starting to run smaller offers because the economy is picking up.

With the current offer you can buy 80,000 + 64,000 extra bonus points = 144,000 points for $800 this is about 0.0054 a piece

Where can you use them?

One of the best ways to use such offers and in general Hilton points for me is in Makkah. With many more Hilton properties coming up it is a good option to have Hilton points and offset the very expensive hotel stays.

One of the good things about Makkah hotels is that usually, they are lower categories which means you need fewer points per night for a free stay. Combine this with the great Hilton promo links for a fast track to Gold and you will have free breakfast and internet included.

Also if you use only points as a Gold member you will receive the 5th night free. Totally not a bad deal.

Let’s have a look below at some of the properties and how much it would cost you if you were paying cash or with points.

The brand new Conrad Makkah which opens its doors on March 16th, 2016 will cost 40,000 points or 16,000points plus £42 in cash. Depending on how many people you are points and cash can be a good option.

Hilton Makkah Towers which is the first hotel I stayed in when I went for Umrah is also available for 30,000points per night. This can be a great deal especially if you are Hilton Gold, as you get 5th night free. It costs £200 per night otherwise.

Buy Hilton Points


If you want a bargain holiday for you and your family then I would say that Salalah in Oman can be a great deal for only 5,000 points per night.

Hilton Buy points

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