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Hotel Review: Doubletree Ras Al Khaimah Resort and Spa

During our Dubai adventure, we booked a few days in the Doubletree Ras Al Khaimah and here is my review of the property.

Initially, I was going to book the Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah, which has been on my radar since it opened, but after reading the reviews, it seemed that there were more options for children in the Doubletree. So I went for it instead.

We booked during one of the busiest weekends as it was around UAE’s National Day holidays.

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The Doubletree Ras Al Khaimah is also a popular property with British holidaymakers, I have seen many hotel promotions on British Airways holidays.

Hotel Review: Doubletree Hotel Ras Al Khaimah -exterior view
The exterior of the hotel

The hotel is situated on the Marjan island, a human-made island, about 20km away from the actual Ras Al Khaimah city. There are several hotels there, and I noticed a significant construction boom with many new hotels coming up.

I think it will be like the Palm in a few years. I am excited about that!

For some reason, the GPS took us on a different road rather than the main highway, and we ended up being stopped by some camels which were freely roaming the road.

came on the way to ras al khaimah
The best part of the drive

It was a cool experience.

The Hotel

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the property since I never went there before and didn’t have high expectations.

The hotel has over 700 rooms across several buildings and a few restaurants, a beach and pools.

The actual map of the Doubletree ras al Khaimah resort

I booked the stay using my earned points as it was much cheaper than using cash, especially for three adults and a child.

About a day before check-in, I saw on my reservation that they had upgraded us to a Deluxe sea view room Since I’m a Diamond member.

The check-in was efficient although our room wasn’t ready yet, we were told it would be an hour, and after about two hours I went to check with them they told me our room had an issue, and they moved us to a different one.

Hotel Review: Doubletree Hotel Ras Al Khaimah -walking towards the beach
Walking towards the beach

Apart from the upgrade, they also offered complimentary breakfast to the third person on the reservation. Unlike Marriott, they do provide complimentary breakfast for elites if they are on the reservation.

The Room

Our room was very spacious, and it did felt new. I loved the bright yellow interiors and the balcony. It had a nice seclusion which is excellent for me as a hijabi.

Hotel Review: Doubletree Hotel Ras Al Khaimah - the room
The room was spacious and bright

In the evening, we would sit there and enjoy the night while the baby slept.

Hotel Review: Doubletree Hotel Ras Al Khaimah - the balcony
The balcony was one of my favourite things

Although we were three adults, it didn’t feel crowded, and the beds, which were two doubles, had plenty of space for two people.

The bathroom was also spacious with a bathtub and a shower.

Hotel Review: Doubletree Hotel Ras Al Khaimah - the bathroom
very spacious bathroom

Overall, I think the rooms are designed in mind with large families, so they function for that purpose.

Even if you stay with two children for a week, it will not feel cramped.

Hotel Review: Doubletree Hotel Ras Al Khaimah - the view from our room

The view from our balcony


Because the property is split into different buildings and set up around the beach, it gives a resort feeling.

They also have a small aqua park for adults and children, water sports, a slide into the sea and shops with the various pools.

Hotel Review: Doubletree Hotel Ras Al Khaimah - waterpark
The waterpark was really fun

In the evenings they even had an inflatable castle for the older children to play in. I found, in general, these were all very nice touches for a family-friendly holiday.

The beach is clean, there are plenty of sunbeds, and the water is shallow so perfect for children to splash about without always having to worry.

Overall, you can enjoy a lovely holiday and spend a lot of time on the beach.


We only had breakfast included as part of my Diamond status, but I know some of the other families were on a half board basis.

They serve breakfast in the main restaurant. It had a good variety of food options, and with the COVID-19 regulations in place, staff helped us instead of us doing it ourselves.

Hotel Review: Doubletree Hotel Ras Al Khaimah - the lobby
The lobby

Even though the breakfast area was busy, they handled it well, apart from the bread counter where there was always a queue.

They didn’t change their breakfast options much for the five days we were there, so I find that it gets boring after a couple of days.

I cannot comment on the food in the main restaurant for lunch and dinner as we never had it.

We had dinner one night in the Italian restaurant, and the food was good. It wasn’t wow, but how wrong can you go with pizza? Although, my tortellini got returned as I found it undercooked.

On our first day, we also had lunch by the villa’s pool bar, and I am not sure if it was a busy time or just average food, but it came almost 50 min later, and it was cold. They do bring it from the other restaurants so it might have been cooked and just sat for an extended time.

Overall, if you were to visit the hotel, get breakfast and order ala cart or order on Talabat if you want more variety.

We ordered several times from Talabat (the UAE version of Just Eat), and it was good.

The Area

One of my favourite things about the hotel is a large promenade and a food truck parked just outside.

You can spend your evenings walking around enjoying the sunset as well as some excellent burgers and milkshakes from Salt. I’d recommend the hybrid milkshake.

the food options outside the Doubletree Ras Al Khaimah
Excellent for some food

I found that the property has a lot to offer and that a week in Ras Al Khaimah when on holiday will fly by.

I always wondered why British holidaymakers visit Ras Al Khaimah instead of Dubai, but now I can see why.

Hotel Review: Doubletree Hotel Ras Al Khaimah -view from promenade
Plenty of walking on the evening

The Doubletree Resort and Spa Ras Al Khaimah are on the lower end of the pricing; It has plenty of activity options for kids and adults. You can enjoy the lovely beach, the spacious rooms and the incredible views.

With a promenade outside it, you can walk for hours and enjoy your evenings.

It is a fantastic option to spend a week in the sun on a budget.

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