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5 Reasons to attend a Muslim women retreat

Muslim women retreats are a great way to build sisterhood and come closer to Allah. They provide a space for Muslim women to bond with one another, learn more about their religion, relax in a safe environment and enjoy discovering new places.

If you’re looking for an enriching experience that will help you grow as a Muslim woman, then be sure to attend a Muslim women-only retreat.

There are many reasons why Muslim women should attend a retreat. For starters, it can be very helpful to get away from the distractions of daily life and focus on improving oneself spiritually and mentally. Additionally, they offer a chance to learn new skills, gain knowledge, and explore different cultures.

Travelling to a retreat is also a great way to take a break from the monotony of everyday life and see some new sights.

Here are five reasons why you should definitely attend a women-only retreat.

1 Wellness

women only retreats help you discover yourself
nothing like a private pool which is possible on Muslim women retreats

There is always a big talk online about self-care and how important it is. For everyone, it looks different but in the end, it is vital to recharge our batteries so we can support and provide for our loved ones.

Many women enter retreats stressed, exhausted and filled with self-doubts. By attending a women-only retreat, you will be able to see how other people are going through similar life struggles and how you are not alone in your fights.

You will get to participate in activities like yoga, pilates, meditation and have deep meaningful conversations with your inner self as well as other participants.

This helps to awaken a strong sense of self-love and clears your head. By taking time to enjoy yourself, you will find a great sense of inner peace.

I feel like women and especially mothers (ahem, a mum here) definitely deserve as much self-care and love.

2 Safety

muslim women only retreat

Travelling with other women especially when you are Muslim is much safe especially when you start than travelling solo. It gives you the opportunity to start and dip your toes into solo travel but when you get to your destination you have other women to meet and explore with.

Also from the frequent questions, we receive here at MuslimTravelGirl I know many have the problem of convincing family members, especially parents that is safe to travel alone.

So a Muslim women-only retreat provides this safety but also the independence that many women are looking for. Consider it as a stepping stone to solo adventures.

3 Exploring a New Place

muslim women only retreat in Spain
One of the cities we explore on our retreats

One thing I always think about when I travel is the fact that Allah SWT says in the Quran that the places you have prayed will testify for you on the day of judgement.

What a better way to do this with the company of other Muslim women.

When going to a retreat usually the tour guides are qualified locals who will help you to explore not only the tourist sites but also provide you with all the insider tips. You get to explore a place, learn their culture, their food, sightsee and immerse yourself from a local perspective.

4 Make Life Long friendships

making friends for life

Muslim women-only retreats are a great way to connect with other like-minded Muslim women. I have created some amazing friendships including my best friends when I was attending classes and retreats.

Since there are no distractions you can make meaningful conversations, enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon without interruptions and simply just have the opportunity to make new friends.

Social media is great but in reality, so many people are feeling lonely and It is hard to make friendships that are truly meaningful and last. Attending a Muslim women retreat gives you that opportunity.

5 Intangible benefits of the experience

5 reasons why to attend a women only retreat

We can always talk about the logistics, the pricing, the location and the food but the most important thing that truly we cannot understand until we have actually attended a retreat.

How many times you have had a travel experience that you cannot put into words because it was that good and put a smile on every time you thought about it?

From the laughter to the companionship to the opportunities you might encounter to everything that makes us unique, we on a spiritual level that can’t be put into words.

As Muslims know this better than anyone else what this feels like because some things have to be experienced to be believed or enjoyed.

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