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Using Avios in the USA: How I paid £6 for a FLIGHT that costs £300


I am sure Americans cannot relate to this much but for a European person who pays so much in flight taxes I just love how cheap it is to use Avios there.I recently booked some flights with Avios in the US and the shocking price of taxes came to only £3 per person. Like really???

Here the cheapest I will pay is £17,50 if I do a reward saver,  though still an excellent price it doesn’t compare.

What makes this even better is that the cash price for the same ticket was £150 per person for a short one hour flight which I think it was really expensive. Last time I actually paid the same amount of Avios for a flight that costed £400 each. Crazy!I totally love spending my Avios in the US as it works out to be a bargain, I paid only 4,500 Avios and £3 in taxes per person.

Many people emailed me with the similar question over my book “Umrah under £300” and whether it is possible to actually perform Umrah for this much. Of course it is and it all comes down to being smart with your flight taxes, especially for those in Europe as they can be hundreds of pounds /euros.

One thing I am not looking forward with this flight is the shuttle plane, in short it’s small and noisy plus it really scares me. I will take few photos for my European friends who haven’t seen them.

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