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My Adventures: Snapshots of my Trip to Denmark 


It is official I do not like jet lag!
It held me, hostage, for 3 days. However now I am back and I have a ton of things to share with you from the adventure to the USA and Denmark, which seems so long ago.
I will start ordering my adventures from Denmark and continue to the US trip. For some who read the general Boarding area, my review posts will be old news however if you don’t they are still new news, either way, they are cool and you should read them anyways. 😉
I started my trip to the US from Copenhagen. I always wanted to visit the city as it is only 4,500 Avios away and a 2-hour flight.
I try to find great prices and explore new places. If I have to position in Copenhagen and explore a new city for the same price then it is two birds with one stone for me. I wish I had visited sooner to be honest, as it is a beautiful place and the people are so nice and polite.
Not only those working in the customer service industry but also the locals. I totally enjoyed my two days in the country and I wish I had more time to spend there, it is definitely a destination I will return to.
We arrived in the morning and stayed in the Crown Plaza, which offers a free shuttle to the hotel. I will write a full review on the hotel next in sha Allah. The hotel was located only 2 minutes from the tram station which takes you directly into the city centre and the beautiful colourful street, Nyhavn.It is very easy to navigate the metro and the hotel was kind enough to give us a printed piece of paper with the instructions on the way there and back.

Muslim Friendly Guide to Copenhagen with Halal Food

The ticket costs only £2.50 in return and it was a lovely way of seeing some parts of Copenhagen without much walking. I must say the weather was not very welcoming as it was on and off rain, however, this didn’t stop us from exploring for a full day.

We walked to Nyhavn ( don’t ask me to pronounce it) and had a nice cup of hot chocolate.
I think the disaster came when we ordered food which was really non-existent on our plate and cost an arm and a leg.
I mean I know the food is expensive and I was happy to pay £15 for a portion, however, I expected a portion rather than a quarter of it.
This is what we received. 🙂
I must say the fish was delicious but still £15 was very expensive. However, I loved the fact that I can just sit and watch people walk by with a nice view in the background. It reminded me of Greece and the amount of time I spent in similar shops and cafes. 🙂
From there we walked to the opera and got lost in the small streets.
I loved it as I believe that the best way to explore a city is to get lost and just wander around.
I really wanted to see the mermaid statue and we did go halfway however it started raining too much so we decided to head back before we become soaking wet.
What I really loved about Copenhagen is the people, so friendly and nice always with a smile, I also love the bike culture they have and seeing mothers with kids on a bike always made me smile. No idea why but I wish I can do this one day too.
Though I am sure they are fed up with all the tourists stopping on the bike lanes;  we did this more times than I would care to admit!
Another one of my highlights was meeting the crazy Americans who followed us from our hotel because they thought we knew the way to town.
We just helped them with their tickets and they assumed we are tour experts. We had an absolute laugh and enjoyed their excellent company. Plus we made friends with them so now we have contacts in New York and Las Vegas which is always handy. It reminds me why I love to travel and explore because meeting people and having fun is awesome and it creates lasting memories.Happy travels 🙂
The “crazy” Americans we met 🙂
I LOVED this happy wall, you can flip each box and write whatever is in your heart. Smart

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