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Uber £20 Sign Up Bonus for New Customers Enough for Two Free Rides in some cities

uber sign up bonusI have written many reviews on Uber and used them in many parts of the World such as in New York, Middle East and the UK. I personally like Uber and the fact that I can order and pay online while still able to track my ride. For me this is a great incentive to use them.

Currently Uber is offering £20 sign up bonus for new customers in the UK. This is double than when I signed up. This in Leeds, for example where I live, translates to about 2 free rides from the city centre of Leeds to many suburbs. Not a bad deal for just a few minutes work.

The £20 offer is only available in the UK unfortunately but it can be used in all cities that currently operate Uber such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Wakefield, Newcastle and Leeds. I would love for them to offer an international currency feature but not yet. You have until the 20th of May to sign up in order to qualify for this bonus.

It is very easy to sign up and you can use my sign up link in order to get the £20 bonus and use for your free ride. All you have to do is download the app and enter the promo code ubermuslimtravelgirl. You done 🙂

You can check my review of Uber and the reasons why I personally like them. Honestly for a Muslim woman who travels a lot, I love the fact I feel safer because the GPS coordinates, name and licence plate are available and I can send them to my husband just in case. 

If you want to sign up for the £20 bonus points then you can do so here for Android or IOS devices. I would love and appreciate if you can use my link (ubermuslimtravelgirl) so we both get a ride free. 🙂



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