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Join TopCashback & Receive 500 Tesco Clubcard points/1250 Avios


TopCashback is one of my favourite ways to earn cash and Avios. It is great since many retailers are on the list and from the past year I have managed to earn hundreds of pounds this way; even more importantly I earn Avios.

TopCashback is a site that gives you a small percentage every time you make a purchase via their link. What sets them apart is the ability to transfer this cash from their website into Tesco Clubcard points and then convert them into Avios.

Currently they are offering 500 Tesco Clubcard points to everyone who signs up via a referral link and earns £10 of cashback. Five hundred Clubcard points equates to £5 for joining, which then converts into 1,250 Avios points. Note that is this only available if you sign up via a referral link. I would be grateful if you would use my referral since we both get a bonus.

You can sign up for TopCashback here

How it works:

Once you sign up you via the link you will have to earn £10 of cashback which doesn’t have a time limit. It can be in a week or in six months. Once you have earned your £10 TopCashback it will deposit your £5 into your account which can only be converted into Tesco Clubcard points. They will also give you 5% extra as an incentive when transferring to Tesco and other partners.

You can also convert your cash into vouchers for Amazon, TK Maxx, LoveFilms and other retailers; however for me the best option for the first £50 cashback  you earn is to convert them to Tesco Clubcard points. Topcashback has a limit on the cash you can transfer into Tesco Clubcard points which is £50 per year and effectively once you convert those to Avios you are getting 12,000 per year this way.  This for me is pretty much free Avios and cash since it is shopping I would have done anyway. Some retailers, such as Hilton for example, which I use a lot converts ONLY to Tesco Clubcard and is above your £50 threshold. So  if you stay a lot in Hilton hotels and you have £100 or more of cashaback those can be transferred without affecting your £50 limit.

How I use it:

I always recommend for people to sign up when there is an offer available even if they don’t have any plans on using it. Since the £5 deal doesn’t have an expiration date once you sign up and you can use it months down the road and still earn something extra.

For people and families who do not stay at hotel chains for example or they have large hotel bills and use third party websites such as, etc they offer good cashback of up to 15% sometimes. It is an excellent way to make your money work harder for you. This is also great for those who don’t fly much but want to earn more Avios. Especially if you are a couple you can both sign up and earn within a year or less £50 which is 12,000 each and receive a flight for a free (almost) weekend away.

Bottom line I definitely recommend you sign up to TopCashback here in order to get the £5 Tesco Bonus even if you don’t shop at Tescos.

For those in the USA there is the US version which unfortunately doesn’t have Tescos but works in a similar way.


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