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Travelling and Fasting During Ramadan

Travelling and Fasting During Ramadan

So I get this question a lot! Travelling and fasting during Ramadan is not easy and it is not necessary sometimes either.

I challenged myself to do 30days of Facebook live- answering questions from the thousands of emails I receive. Seriously sometimes it takes me hours a day and it can be lonely. So I thought instead of doing typing I will video myself, this way I get over my fear of video too. 🙂 Win win!

Day 1 of 30 is about travelling and fasting during Ramadan which was asked on my Facebook page. Since we are in Ramadan is also very relevant.

I try to keep the videos 5-10minutes to the point. So below is the video for you to watch.

The points however that you have to keep in mind are:

You can travel and fast and you can make up your fast later, the reward will be the same. You won’t get an extra reward because you just fasted and put more hardship on you. So if you are bound for 12 hours of flight and connections it might be hard to keep your fast. There is nothing wrong with opening your fast and making it up later. You are the only person that knows yourself best.

If you are travelling and you want to open your fast make sure the sun has settled down and it is not bright and shiny. For example, if you start from London to New York and half way it is time to open your fast in London but you can see the sun up, you continue fasting. You have left London and you are heading towards New York so you follow that direction.


One tip I always have when travelling and especially not far away is to start my journey closer to Maghrib (the time you open your fast) this way I don’t have to travel too long before I can drink and eat.

Here is the video… though no laughs allowed! This is strictly reserved for me only! 😉


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