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Sofia Terminal 2 Lounge Review; Not Set to Impress

This is the second time I have visited Sofia’s terminal 2 lounge and I have to say it is exactly the same as last year. Usually, when I visit I go to terminal 1 which is the low-cost airline terminal and I did a review of the lounge there recently.

This time I was traveling with Qatar Airways to Doha and I had about 1,5 to spend in the lounge since from check into security it only took 15min. Can’t complain about that.

The lounge is old and there is really nothing to do in the Terminal either. There is one coffee shop, one duty-free which is always half empty and one souvenir shop which is totally overpriced.

The lounge is free for PriorityPass, Diners cardholders, LoungeKey and all the other business class passengers. Funnily until recently I never paid attention to Diners but now I have unlimited lounge access with them. More on this later.

The lounge is small, it has a self-serving buffet with snacks and some cold sandwiches and big purple leather couches.

It is definitely not set to impress but rather just to exist.

Overall for killing an hour or so of you waiting in the main lounge it is much better as there are not many coffee shops or a shopping experience so you are bound to finish and just sit on a bench until your flight starts boarding.

The photos are for your perusal.

The lounge is located after the passport control on the right and the bottom of the corridor, just opposite the toilets.

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