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Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency Arlinghton Virginia

Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency Arlinghton Virginia

I recently stayed in the Hyatt Regency Arlington while visiting a friend in Washington. I chose the hotel because it was the closest Hyatt to her house and since she was my tour guide it made sense ;).

Check in:

We were greeted at check in by a friendly staff member called Richard, he was smiley, happy and polite. Checked us in straight away, explained to use the features and benefits in the hotel and asked us if we needed help with our luggage. We didn’t, we traveled for 10 days with hand luggage, I think by this point we were quite comfortable carrying ourselves.Room:
Our room was on a high floor overlooking some offices. Once you enter the room you see it is spacious, I don’t think I was upgraded to a better room due to being Diamond but for a short stay I wasn’t bothered. This was a standard room,  it did seem a little worn out at few places and I found quite a bit of dust on the coffee table and other surfaces, it was definitely longer than a days worth. I wouldn’t have noticed but I sat down on the chair and as the sun hit the table you could clearly see how dusty it was. Not the cleanest place I would say. I wish sometimes I had these infra-red glasses that let you check out how clean places are, but I think that if I knew i would never stay in hotels again.


The bathroom was a good size with a shower and plenty of surface spaces.Breakfast: 
I usually look forward to the Hyatt breakfasts however this wins the worst experience so far. The staff were not very polite, there was not much left to eat, especially for a vegetarian as the only options I had was bread, cereals, muffins and fruit. I opted for some fruit and poached eggs which took very long and when they came they were served in a bowl and not on toasted bread or some form of wheat and they still had water in bowl as if they still needed tome to be cooked. I am not sure how Americans eat poached eggs but we don’t have them like a soup. My best part of course was when I found out that there is an extra charge for a cappuccino as it is a ‘specialty drink’.  🙂 You learn something new everyday! At the end I think the staff and the breakfast were a let down, I should have opted for using my vouchers in the Starbucks next door.Check out: 
At check out it was Richard again checking us out the following day. When he asked me how was our stay I did ask him if they really charged for a cappuccino, which admittedly non of the 2 staff members there knew. For a hotel who was going to charge $400 for the night I would expect for my cappuccino to be free, you see I really value my cappuccino especially in the morning. 🙂 i also told him about the amount of dust I found and that he should let the cleaners know that they should clean under the glass as well.Overall I think the hotel is a good option with a solid design and pretty much same Hyatt experience. I am used to the the European Hyatt properties which are of a higher level of luxury and attention to detail, so I might not be the best judge. I don’t think I would return to this property unless the price is right.P.S. For disclosure Richard did offer me 3,000 extra points as compensation which I accepted, however almost a month later and three calls to Hyatt these points prove hard to credit. 

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