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Holiday Inn Heathrow review, points & photos!

Heathrow Review, Points & Photos!

You all know how much I love points! So when I was in London I jumped on the opportunity of experiencing a Holiday Inn as a Platinum member as well as receiving all the points from the recent codes I posted.

After my training was over I booked a one night stay in the Holiday Inn hotel in Heathrow. I really wanted to get as many points as possible before they expire. I am still praying for the Points Break to be in some exotic destination; then I can book a week for free inshaAllah! 🙂

Park Inn and Holiday Inn Heathrow are only 5min walk apart. So there was no hassle to pick my bag up and move to a hotel next door. 🙂 I had an early flight so I really just ate and slept there and I am quite happy I did this. The two hotels could not be more different in my opinion.

I am a Platinum member with IHG, thanks to a status match, and wanted to experience their care for their top tier members. I arrived in my hotel and was greeted promptly by the receptionist who was a lovely girl. She actually DID acknowledge my status and offered me 500 points or a free drink and snack from the bar. I chose the snack and drink, as I would receive way more points from my stay than 500. Alhamdulillah for IHG codes generosity. 🙂

She asked me if I would mind taking the stairs to the 2nd floor because she would like to upgrade me to an “Executive” room but the lift was broken! I said I didn’t mind and made my way to the second floor. Here is my room…
The executive room was really small compared to the Park Inn, which was a shock as I just came from there, it was almost half the size. In my membership profile I clearly state that I want a smoke free room unfortunately, this was not the case. It was a distinctive smell and I did call reception but with no luck. So after two tries I gave up and decided to just sleep. At some point I had to open the window to get some fresh air.
In the room I received free magazines, a chocolate bar and my Platinum voucher all were very  welcome. 🙂 The view from the window was of the airport runway and surprisingly it was not noisy at all. I would say that the hotel is 3.5 star rather than 4 star as advertised and I can only imagine how are the  other non executive rooms.

I had dinner in the restaurant and opted for a veggie curry as the buffet dinner was non Halal. The food was surprisingly good and the right price for a hotel next to Heathrow. Also the internet is free for IHG Elite members and it should become free to everyone from July 2014. In the morning I used the Hoppa bus as my flight was at 8am and it is a very convenient 15 minutes from the door of your hotel to the door of your Terminal.

Overall the hotel is good and well priced, I paid £40 for the night and received 15,000 points in return (the value of 1000 points is about £5 so my points are worth £75). With a Points Break sale (5,000 points) in an Intercontinental hotel this can be £500 or more compare to cash prices.

Once again no need to break the bank in order to travel in style. Just stay tuned and sign up to our newsletter for all the latest deals. 🙂

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