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Hotel Review: Park Inn Heathrow

Park Inn Heathrow - Hotel Review

This is part two of my trip to London and Bulgaria. In London I stayed in the Park Inn Heathrow hotel. As you may remember from my previous article, I had booked this hotel with a brilliant offer.You can read all about it here. Considering that I paid £44.50 a night for four nights, which is effectively 4 for 2 in their offer it was a great price and place to be. Park Inn hotel is located on Bath road, the strip with all the Heathrow hotels. It is a 4 star mid-market hotel that has undergone refurbishment recently and looks very nice on the outside and inside.
I arrived and was greeted promptly. As a Gold member of Club Carlson there was no recognition of my status as they do in other brands when you check in. It would have been nice if they did, but I wasn’t too bothered. I was given a room in the new section of the hotel and it was a very nice room. All my preferences were catered for, I always ask for room on the highest floor away from the elevator. In the room, I had a welcome gift which wasn’t appropriate for a Muslim; some sweets that contained alcohol but I didn’t mention it in the hotel I just left them there.


I am not the type of person to make a fuss if someone offers me something like alcohol or pork, I simply decline it. Maybe because I am a convert to Islam and I understand that they don’t know. I can simply tell them and they will always apologise and offer something else in return. If you find yourself in this position please don’t shout at the reception for being inconsiderate, just simply tell them or even better write in the comment box of your membership that you are Muslim and gifts containing alcohol and pork are not welcome!! In my case not even my name is Muslim so there is no way they would know. 🙂
My room was very nice and spacious, I was offered a double bedroom which had a massive desk, seating area and a kingsize bed. As I was expecting a friend to stay with me for a night or so, I went to reception to change it to twin room and they were more than happy to do so. My new room was on a lower floor overlooking the car park but as I mostly slept there I was ok with it. The rooms are very spacious, with a seating area, large desk and  bathroom and plenty walking space as you can see from the photos.
I didn’t have breakfast in the hotel even though they offered a discounted price of £10. If you are travelling with family and your breakfast is not included you can either buy on the day (usually discounted) or you can buy from shops around the area. On my way to training every morning I would stop at Costa, have a coffee and a sandwich all for the grand price of £6, so I was happy with my saving :). As I mentioned in another article you can also take the FREE bus to the Terminals in Heathrow rather than pay £4 one way per person. Young children go Free but if you have teenagers, return tickets for a family can cost a lot of money.

Overall I enjoyed my stay at the Park Inn hotel in Heathrow. Very close to the airport, about 15min bus ride, close to the bus stop and excellent reception staff.The best part?After my stay there I discovered I received the points from their current promotion which was three nights and you get one night free, more info here. Because I had booked with the promotional code 4for2 for Club Carlson Elite members I wasn’t sure if I would qualify but I did and I currently have 47K in total from my stay which is equivalent to £225 . :)I will be travelling from Heathrow soon and guess where I will be staying for free! Park Inn hotel costs 28K points a night or 5K plus cash. 🙂 Effectively I have more than one free night!

I have said this a million times but I love a bargain and this is a great deal. It goes to show that if you have a plan and think ahead of time then your travels don’t have to be expensive. This way YOU as well can enjoy the world without having to rob a bank ;). If you are not sure you can always ask me too!

Check out the comments for how you can get from the airport to the hotel using the free public transport instead of paying £4.5 per person.

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