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Happy Birthday to me! A new decade, a new life & 30 things I learned about life


Today I am turning 30!

Heck time flies. Not sure how this happened but here I am and life and age don’t wait for anyone. Now, if you are above 30 and reading this you are probably thinking I’m nuts. But for me, it’s a milestone. It’s an era being closed and a new beginning.

I measure my life in decades for various reasons mostly because my life always changes every 10 years. Like drastically. I have lived for 10 years in Bulgaria, 10 years in Greece and 10 years in the UK. Now it is changing again…

So you see, it’s kind of a big thing for me. I feel more mature and definitely more settled. I am looking forward to insha’Allah (God willing) good things.

I thought I will share with you and keep for my own record the 30 things that life taught me. I could possibly select more than this (my list had 73) but I decided to keep it short. I have had a great life and it wasn’t always easy (not that now it is). People see my photos, trips and expect that all have been rosy. Definitely not!

Here goes the list:

  1. Life is a gift and we should appreciate it.
  2. Patience is a virtue and we should practise it more (this is coming from a formerly very impatient person)
  3. Travelling does make you more confident
  4. Travelling does make you wiser
  5. Life education is as important as university education.
  6. Quality over quantity is more important (I try my best)
  7. Doesn’t matter where you work professional conduct is important
  8. Social media and Instagram are not always the true reflection of someone’s life
  9. Unless you feel comfortable in your own skin you will never be enough for yourself
  10. Money is great but relationships matter more
  11. Minimalism really makes you happier and less stressed
  12. Your family will always love you, but doesn’t necessarily mean they know what is right for you.
  13. Islam is truly a beautiful religion, despite what the media says (look it up for yourself)
  14. Labelling something Halal doesn’t necessarily make it so
  15. Moving countries at a young age can be an eye opener
  16. Because you don’t consider yourself a racist, doesn’t mean you are not
  17. Professional blogging is harder than it looks /feel
  18. Being an entrepreneur is great for the flexibility but sucks for work-life balance (working on this).
  19. My first “job” was at 10, when I worked in my mum’s store in order to buy a bag I wanted, that handbag-love is still strong 20 years on.
  20. I am happy I spent the first 25 years of my life as a Christian, made me appreciate Islam and life better. I know how it feels on the “other side”. Nop, I don’t regret my decision.
  21. Travelling is one of the best gifts you can buy someone… really! I love seeing my mother’s happy face
  22. My role model is my mother
  23. No matter what happened in your life, you can move past it with a good EFT session (look it up J)
  24. Always keep friends with people you want to be like, there is a Greek saying “Show me your friends, to tell me who you are” (my dad taught me this and really helped my life)
  25. Be kind and polite it can make someone’s day
  26. Being grateful only brings more gratefulness and blessings in your life ( I have seen it with my own eyes)
  27. You always have a choice…
  28. Don’t lie it always catches up with you.
  29. Social media does make you lonely but also connects you with people who you would have lost touch with.
  30. I hate the “where are you from question” …citizen of the world is my answer 😉

Here is to an amazing decade…Happy travels!


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