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Great Luxury Deals! Central London Hotel with Secret Escapes

secret escape deals

Thanks to that Facebook breach in the news recently I thought I will look through my apps and see how many I have had and what exactly they were. Going through those apps I discovered two very interesting things. First I had 180 apps, which is shocking since I don’t remember half of them or the fact they asked for so much information. Second, I remembered the Secret Escape app which I had used about 5 years ago (before I started this blog) and totally forgot about it.

Out of curiosity, I went to the website again to see if it is still as good as I remembered. Well, it is and actually, it has some excellent deals.

Secret Escape is a members-only website that sells heavily discounted and time-sensitive luxury deals in the UK and around the world. Some of their deals are actually excellent and I had booked a great weekend escape in Northumberland with them five years ago. So, now that I had a close look again I can say they still offer good value for luxury travel.

As luck would have it I needed a hotel in London for July. Prices in London are crazy for the summer and central locations go for 3-star hotels for around £150 a night.

Well, currently Secret Escape has a “mystery” offer for a London hotel from as little as £69 per night all throughout summer.

This is an excellent deal as the hotel is in a good location and not so mysterious if you look closely at the IHG properties around Kensington Forum.  Funnily it was one of the properties I was looking to book beforehand and I thought it did look familiar ;). This can be a great hotel if you are visiting, like me, London in the summer with family.

You can find the link to the hotel here.

Also, you will receive £15 if you sign up and book via my link here. This is always appreciated as I do get the same amount for the next booking.

Other deals I do like on the site and I think are worth a second look are:

  • Royal Island resort in the Maldives with a full board from £99 per villa here.
  • The Making of Harry Poter experience tickets plus a hotel stay for £99 per room, perfect for a summer trip with the kids here
  • The Yotel Hotel in Singapore is very central with excellent reviews for £104 here
  • Santorini and Mykonos island-hop and luxury stay, for 9th of May from Manchester for 7 nights it comes to £599 per person here. 
  • The 10 day trip to Singapore and Bali with a private pool, perfect for a honeymoon from £1339 here
  • The Kefalonia luxury hotel from £399 for 5 nights is all-inclusive here
  • Crete 7 days luxury resort all-inclusive from £399 per person here

There are so many offers currently that I am sure you can find something, especially for the summer holidays. You can also review and compare prices with other providers before booking.

Secret Escapes can work particularly well for those looking for affordable yet luxury honeymoon options where the full package is done for them. Many of their deals include flights and transport plus food so it is a nice package if the finances and savings work out.

Don’t forget that if you sign-up for Secret Escapes with my link you will also receive £15 as a first-time offer which is always great.

Note that these deals last only a few days so if you want to book any of the above I would check asap.

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