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Comprehensive List of Hotel Booking Sites


Many people ask me what sites do I use to book my hotels. Most of the times I use the company’s own website to make my bookings for the simple reason that I receive points or have a status with them so I receive benefits like free breakfast. If there is no chain or everything is expensive I have a handful of websites I check before making a booking.

I always check the prices on third party websites, OTA’s as they are called, to be able to compare. Many times they are cheaper and I can book via them and earn cashback or I can price match. If there is no particular hotel I would like to stay in I just book the cheapest and best option for me on an OTA.

The benefit of booking with third party websites is that you can earn cashback on them. Sometimes for families who do not travel often or more than 14 days per year it doesn’t make financial sense to be chasing statuses or brands. Booking via third party sites sometimes can be cheaper and financially more sound since you still get something back. Also as an example with OTA you get 1 reward night (average of your spend) for every 10 paid nights booked via their site. Not a bad return considering you can still claim your cashback as well which often is 10%.

Below is a list of all the websites I check to compare hotel prices before making a booking. When looking for hotels I make sure to check 4-5 of them as sometimes there can be a big discrepancy on prices.

My favourite OTA’s for hotel search:

Once you enter the site it will automatically pick up your country. You can always change this manually. Some of the links are also my referral links, I would be grateful if you use those to support the running of the site.

If you have any more sites please comment below and I will update the list as well 🙂

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