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The perfect Adventure of Glamping in Greece for the first time

I have to say I never thought I was a glamping girl or that I will find glamping in Greece exciting, as a matter of fact when I went camping about 10 years ago it was the worse experience ever.

We were on a remote island, with no water, sun protection and basically totally unprepared. (Love teenage years!)

However, with glamping becoming so papular I thought I will try something different, especially after the option I wanted to book, was fully booked.

So how did I come across Glamping in Greece?

Apparently, glamping is not very popular in Greece and it is just starting. On a recent trip to Greece with my mum, we had a few days to spare and enjoy some mother and daughter time.

I really wanted to also check some amazing tiny houses right on the beach in Halkidiki but sadly they were fully booked.

I then found that the owner of the tiny houses also offers a luxury glamping experience in Halkidiki and I thought “why not, it’s an adventure”.

Thank God my mum is so laid back and cool. 🙂

The glamping site compromises two tents with ample space between them. They are right on a private small beach in Paliouri village in Halkidiki and in order to get there, you need to go down a small dirt road (totally safe).

The inside of the tent

Once there you will find yourself on a private beach and peace.

I didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. Elena, the host was lovely and showed us to our glamping tent.

We had everything that we needed just like in a hotel but the walls were made of a tent and we were 5 steps from the beach. You can’t really beat that.

The room has a small fridge, comfortable bed, lovely outside sitting area with a nice view and a spacious bathroom. I am this is nothing like my previous camping experience. 🙂


everything you need for a few days

I love how they have designed it


A real bathroom

The bathroom was great and you definitely didn’t feel like you were on a camping site. The sun boiler in the summer is perfect for hot water.

Just remember that there is a wall partition but the top doesn’t cover so you can hear the other person. If you want total privacy just ask them to go out. 🙂

The wall and the curtain could be moved with a remote which was very cool and easy

Outside space

Each tent has a small deck with chairs and tables.

This is very well designed and I loved the fact you can feel the inside out and vice versa. It was lovely to be able to sit outside and enjoy the sound and view of the sea. Plus it was great for eating dinner.

Lower relaxing chairs on the deck

The beach is not sandy but rather with small pebbles but it looked clean and inviting. Sadly when we went the weather wasn’t the best and it was raining for most of our 3 nights there.

There is a nice restaurant further down and you can walk through the beach to get there if you want sunbeds and coffee for a true Greek experience they do all that.

Also if you go in the summer and you want some hustle and bustle there are several small tourist villages like Haniotes and Peukoxori about 10-15minutes drive from the site.

The advantage of staying on this glamping site was the fact that we saw one of the best sunrises ever! My mum still talks about it and the photos just don’t do justice.

I found the Glamping site on Airbnb here and it definitely wasn’t cheap for about £100 a night.

If you want to check out the tiny houses they also have you can find them here. I visited the tiny house and because they are right on the beach they had an amazing view and the quality of the work was nice. Next time, I would love to try them.

If you are new to Airbnb please considering using my link and you will also receive £15 towards your first stay.

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Monday 3rd of February 2020

Salam aleykum Sister !

Sounds amazing !!!

Muslim Travel Girl

Friday 7th of February 2020

it was super fun!