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KLM Promo Awards

I love KLM Promo Awards and check them often when I search for flights and want to travel on an available route on SkyTeam.

KLM Promo Awards is a monthly discounted option on flights using KLM or Air France miles. They advertise the mile redemptions, which can be up to 50% every month, on their website.

KLM and Air France, the promo awards

You can then choose your book route and click on the link. Once you have selected, you can go as normal and book it.

With those awards, you can book up to 6 months in advance.

How to Book Flying Blue Promo Awards

If you have read some of my articles on American Express, you will know that Amex points can be transferred to either airline.

It is easy to do if you have enough points for redemption.

Just log into Amex, travel partners and transfer miles.

Before transferring points to miles, however, you must have linked your accounts. Make sure names and addresses match both accounts.

The linking is typically automatic or takes 24hrs, though they say up to 3 working days.

The miles transfer from Amex to KLM for myself usually takes an overnight wait. They do the same three days, but in my experience, after several transfers, it is more like 24 overnight.

Personally, I like KLM Promo Awards because I can fly from my local airport to several destinations included in the promotion. Usually, this would be too expensive if paying cash with KLM from the North of England, where I am based.

klm promo awards examples 4

klm promo awards examples how to use them
promo awards examples flying blue

Long Haul Options

klm promo awards examples 2023

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