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Hyatt Price Guarantee £35 instead of £85 + Suite Upgrade

I just came back from Abu Dhabi and wow! I had such an amazing time alhamdulillah. I managed to get myself a pretty awesome deal, partially because of my luck and partially because of my fast thinking.
I managed to stay in the iconic Hyatt Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi, the hotel is a masterpiece of engineering leaning 18o degrees, even more than the Tower of Pisa.
The room rate for my stays was £85 a night for a standard room without breakfast, however, I got the same room for £35 a night plus breakfast!


I want to share an interesting feature that many of you might not know or never used. Many hotels will price match if you find their rate cheaper elsewhere. Now, this is excellent news on paper and the  Price promise, in reality, is sometimes very hard to achieve.

Hotels will not honour their promise unless EVERYTHING matches exactly. For example, I had found a Hilton hotel in UAE that I wanted to price match as the rate was £80 a night instead of £160. I could have booked the travel rate for £80 but I wouldn’t have earned any points, which in my world is a no-no. 🙂

Though on the travel website the room was described as Classic rather than Superior which was the case of the Hilton website. Even though the hotel doesn’t have Classic and Superior and they are exactly the same room, my Hilton claim was rejected!  For me this is ridiculous, but of course, it is a way for them to keep their rates high and reject claims.

Also in many cases, you have to book the room first with the hotel chain in order to claim the Price promise! This is dangerous especially if you cannot afford the room and it is non-refundable.

My best advice is to try and book a refundable room and if it works, great you have some flexibility if it doesn’t then you have lost nothing.

On my second attempt, however, I managed to find the Hyatt Capital Gate a lot cheaper than normal. I remembered reading somewhere that Hyatt is one of the few chains where you can call them before making a booking and they will check the rate while you are on the line.

If it is indeed cheaper and it qualifies then you will receive that rate plus 20% extra on top! ( Unfortunately, Hyatt changed their practice and now you must submit an online form to claim)

I called  Hyatt and spoke with the lovely lady on the line, after about 20 minutes (thank you skype) she confirmed that my rate was eligible and I would receive the lower rate plus 20% extra which brought my total room price to the almost ridiculous rate of £35.

Even I couldn’t believe I managed to pull this off. ( What is even better that I got a suite upgrade for FREE! Later on this)

There are many online travel agencies out there, like Expedia,, etc, so many that you can lose count. They always compete on saving you money, in my experience not all of them do but there are few that can indeed save you some cash.

So next time you are looking for a hotel to have a look around and you might be able to find a great deal like this. They are not the rule they are definitely the exception, but what a nice exception this is!

🙂 I will post later my review of the Hyatt Capital Gate +photos

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