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Easyjet review: Manchester to Sofia 

I am home!

I used to fly with Easyjet and considered myself their biggest fan back when I was a student. I have spent countless hours sleeping in the airport waiting for my very early flight or very late flight to save a few pounds. I think when Easyjet started they were the poor students best friend; even though if I add up the cost and hours spent in the cold, they will probably be more expensive than British Airways. At some point however I grew out of Easyjet as I didn’t like their customer service and the attitude so I decided not use them unless it was an emergency.The last few times I have flown with British Airways from London to Sofia. However the timing of BA is at 8:30 am and there is no connection for me unless I fly the night before which adds a hotel expense on top of the flight. During the week Easyjet has a flight at 6am from Manchester but it is cruel timing. On the other hand I discovered that every few weeks they fly in the afternoon from Manchester Airport to Sofia making my trip from Leeds easy and hassle free. I am actually quite impressed with the long way Easyjet has come since their beginning. I currently don’t consider them low cost but a no frills airline which works well with their model.

I took the train from Leeds, which surprisingly first class in Transpennine direct was cheaper than standard class by £3. I booked my ticket with Easyjet three days earlier for £59 and decided to pay for the first row seat for an extra £13, which I am so happy I did as I had the whole row to myself. Yippee 😉


I only had hand luggage so I didn’t need to check a bag. I arrived about an hour before my flight and passed through the busy airport security. I wore a hat so the lady asked me to check my hair inside a room. Impressive considering that even in the US they just touched my hat and nothing more. 🙂 At least we know airport security at Manchester airport works.

By the time I bought my coffee I was ready to board. Easyjet now assigns seats at check-in which is actually better as less people try to stomp on you to get in first. I think I had priority boarding due to my seat but I didn’t know until they were checking my boarding pass but I thought it was a good perk to have.

What most impressed me however was the crew and how polite they are. I really liked the crew members they were polite and professional and most of them seemed that they enjoyed their job and the service.  These people don’t get paid enough money and there are some passengers that make their lives even harder with silly requests and not listening to instructions. I read recently where someone gave a small chocolate box or other gifts to crew members as an appreciation act and it was the first time I wished I had some with me.


Maybe because I was at the first row the seat was comfortable, I had plenty of space and the lady that was suppose to seat next to me moved on an empty seat row so I was alone.

Space wise the seats are worth the money in my opinion as it makes it more comfortable to travel this way especially the first row. You have space and even if you want to get up and stretch you can easily do this without bothering other passengers. I ordered some food, did some work and watched a movie and time really flew by. After all 3 hours flight is really nothing compared to the US return leg of 13hrs.

Overall I enjoyed my Easyjet flight and it was the most convenient way for me to get to see my family without spending a fortune for the short flight. I can see myself using them again soon when the price is right and the timings work to my advantage. It won’t be on my return flight as Easyjet is more expensive than British Airways but it will be soon.

Happy Travels 🙂

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