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Confessions of a hotel maid: How Clean is Your Hotel Room Do you Think?

I have a rule that I never walk bare feet or sleep with the top blanket provided by most hotels. Also I try to avoid thinking about bed bugs and what has happened to the room before I check in. 🙂

I saw an article in Daily Mail (yep I read that when bored) about hotel staff confessing what goes into hotel rooms when they “clean” them. Apparently there is an app called Whisper where they post those confessions anonymously of course.

Article is here

whisper 3

I kind of assumed this is what happens

whisper 2












Yep, keep away from the blankets

I am not sure what the standard of each hotel is especially the 5 star luxury brands, I only hope they follow stricter regulations. However as someone who has worked in the travel industry on a small scale I can say that sheets can be re-used indeed. Cleaning a room from scratch is tiring and some customers can be a right pain, however I am not sure that they deserve someone else’s dirty sheets.

What do you think of this?

Do you believe it is a minority of staff or it is more widely spread than we want to accept?

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