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Common Sense Airport Hacks… sometimes we really forget those!

I  couldn’t but smile today when I saw this infographic from Mark Virkus on Common Sense Airport Hacks.

When I was coming to Bulgaria on Saturday I was stuck behind a lady that had liquids, lipsticks, belts and everything electronic all over her carry on, it took her 5 minutes to find her things.

Understandably this delayed the queue and frustrated not only us but also the security staff.

When I travel I always try to have everything easy to access so I don’t delay the queue or frustrate the security staff. They are people too.

I also prefer to wear my comfy airport outfit which means no belts, many accessories or shoes that can set the scanner. This saves me time and makes the journey more enjoyable.

Some of the suggestions in the infographic make actually great sense and I would love next time to bring power splitter.

Plus I have tried the economy queue next to business class and it does work when it’s not busy.

You can actually beat the queue this way. 😉

You can check some of my travel tips here.

Which is your favourite airport hack? 

airport hacks infographic


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