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Changing a room you booked via Amoma

Changing A Room You Booked Via Amoma

Something interesting happened today. My travel plans change all the time so I very rarely book non refundable tickets, especially as I want to be able to take advantage of last minute deals.

I had booked this awesome deal that I told you about yesterday via Amoma, something I hadn’t mention in my post as I wanted to make sure it will go through. Now you know the website I found this crazy super deal (now dead) unfortunately. When the rest of the family decided to join us for our trip I went to book the second room but it was sold out. The website and the hotel were quoting me £280 for the night!! Crazy prices and of course I declined.

I was going to cancel my reservation and pay the £20 charge until  I saw an option where  I could change the date. I do have another trip to London in September and i thought to give it a go and see how much they will quote me. So i submitted my dates and the message said it can take up to 24 hours for the hotel to reply. No problem, as I thought they will just email me a quote for the new price.To my surprise in the morning just five hours after I had submitted my dates I received an email saying that they have confirmed and accepted my September stay and no extra charges. I can’t believe I got double lucky and managed to get the room for £73 with breakfast in September again.

I had never used such a service before on third party bookings even though I know many nowadays have free cancellation up to certain point. I have always cancelled them and either lost money or part of my money. I guess third party websites are becoming more and more flexible to stay competitive.

So next time you need to change a booking before you press the cancellation button just check if you can move it for another date you might get lucky too.

Have you ever experienced this before?  I think Amoma just became my friend. 🙂

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