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Bradford and fine dining… a new Era of Halal cuisine starts with Cona restaurant

PictureSpring lamb

That’s right I said Bradford! This is not your usual travel deal but it can definitely be combined as a travel adventure up to the North. I love finding and recommending great places to visit and travel, so this will be under the “Muslim awesome discoveries”. When you think of fine dining Bradford in West Yorkshire, it is probably the last place that will come to your mind. Until now!

Today I visited Cona restaurant an exquisite Italian fine dining dining experience in Bradford. I have been to some of the best fine dining restaurants in the UK but the lack of Halal food limits me only to a vegetarian option and when I am paying £100+ some meat will always be appreciated. 🙂 When my husband revealed the “surprise” Iftar dinner tonight I was looking forward to it, especially after reading all the reviews.

Cona restaurant has a Michelin star chef who has put together a great menu and the service is excellent. The restaurant is small but cosy in a minimalist line and takes some inspiration of the best Italian restaurants around the world. The owner Army Ahmed is a cool host who definitely has a passion for good food and knows his craft. Pleasant, smiley and approachable he really puts his heart into this venture. I must say I admire him for starting such a venture especially in Bradford and I really hope that West Yorkshire Muslims will appreciate it. We exchanged tips on food and travel and maybe next time I will get him to write a review of the best restaurants around the world for Muslims as he really knows some interesting places.


Ribeye steak


Bakewell cake, delicious!

Back to the food, I loved the steak it was delicious especially after my recent disaster in Abu Dhabi. As far as prices is it very competitive starting from £11 with the most expensive being £15 and it is a lot healthier than your average Bradfordian chicken and chips. For the quality of the food and the service it is cheap in my opinion, even though I will not complain :). Same price as you would pay for a pizza, burger or a dish in another restaurant so as far as prices go it is very competitive, food wise it is healthier and delicious as well. The best part is that there is no alcohol served, which is awesome as so many restaurants in Bradford do not comply with this ruling.

We ordered steak and lamb for the main course and some delicious bakewell and pistachio & olive oil cake for dessert. They were freshly made and yummy. I also tried the new ice cream version that is coming soon as an Eid special and I must say it became my favorite, can’t wait to be back and try it again.

I really hope that West Yorkshire and the UK Muslims will give Cona restaurant a visit as it is great to support new businesses that provide a service that currently can only be found in non Halal restaurants. It is a great initiative and I hope it is successful, I will definitely be back for an Eid special dinner in sha Allah.


Pistachio and Olive oil cake with raspberry ice cream


The menu

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