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7,5%, Best Hilton Cashback deal I have ever seen!  


I have an awesome few days planned. Many hotel stays, flights and trains. InshaAllah I will be writing a trip report and keep you updated about all the cool stuff and most importantly the brilliant surprise I am organising. 🙂

While I was looking to book a hotel stay, I came across the new 7.5% cashback from Hilton hotels! I have never seen Hilton give anything more than 6% so 7,5% is very good.

Only 5 more days until the offer expires!  You can find the offer here

I actually had few other reservations coming with Hilton so I cancelled them and re-booked with the new deal! In this game I have learned that you are better off by booking refundable rooms until you are certain about your plans.

I have written extensively before about TopCashback and the great deals they have!
TopCashback let’s you transfer your money only to Tesco Clubcard, you can either take coupon for your shopping or convert into Avios. ALWAYS convert to Avios or Virgin miles.

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