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Intercontinental Rome: upgrading or not?

I am fighting down a flu and still bed-bound but I decided where I will be taking my mum, well at least for part of her trip. Rome it is.

I still haven’t decided on the rest of the trip. I really wanted to use cash and points on the Park Hyatt Vienna but unfortunately it’s not available. Still looking where to go next after Rome. I love Florence and I’m tempted to take a train and show this beautiful city to my mum as well. If you have missed my previous article asking for suggestions you can find it here.

Rome seemed to work best in terms of timing so we didn’t have to wait long for each other to arrive. I will be flying from London and she will be flying from Athens and we arrive with only 40 minutes difference. I wanted to be there for her when she arrives just in case she can’t manage. Rome seemed like the best option and it ticked all the boxes.

One thing I forgot though is how crazy expensive Rome is and how busy it seems to be on the days we are going. According to 75% of the city’s hotels are booked which included my first choice of the Indigo Rome. I saw the photos and I loved how this hotel looks, I think it has to do with the more modern interior.

I quickly realised that points are my best friend if I don’t want to go bankrupt.

I have settled for the Intercontinental Rome due to the fact that it’s close everything and I have my two free nights to use as well. I am not very impressed with the reviews on TripAdvisor and what people are saying, since it seems the location is perfect but the hotel is indeed of renovation. I do prefer more modern properties but I can’t complain since it’s free. I guess no Bora Bora redemption for me this year. 🙂

Considering that this hotel costs £290 per night for weekdays or 50,000 points I believe it’s an awesome use of my points and free night certificates. Thank you IHG! I believe the total for my two free night certificates was about £200 which I combined with holidays and travel to really gain maximum value from my hotel stays.

Intercontinental Rome

Once I booked the hotel I received the option to upgrade from the classic room to a Deluxe or Executive. Though I am very tempted to upgrade to the Penthouse suite.

Intercontinental Rome

Cash wise it is not expensive for sure but I am wondering whether this is a good choice or if I can save the cash and do something else with it?

Also do you think I should get the Ambassador IC membership since if we end up in Malta I am planning on staying at the Intercontinental Malta.

I would love to know if anyone has stayed in the IC Rome and your opinion. Plus any sightseeing recommendations are always welcome.



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