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Wizz Air 20% Discount on all flights with Discount Club

And when I just thought things can’t get any better. I was about to book a flight with Wizz Air to visit family and Bulgaria when I saw that Wizz Air had 20% discount on all flights today.  

The discount applies only to the discount club which is the Wizz Air’s “membership club” you pay about £50 for one year and then you receive discounts on every flight and also receive cheaper luggage prices too.  

I bought this for the second time round as I recently flew to Dubai with Wizz Air. Needless to say that if you travel often on Wizz Air or if you are travelling with luggage it makes good sense. I made my money back straight from the first booking. 

To offer is available only until midnight today.

Some destinations are very cheap with prices starting at £20 Paris to Sofia. Perfect timing as European destination hopping is what I am about to do this month. 🙂

P.S flights from Sofia to Dubai start from £100 return for March and return in April. 

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