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Virgin Atlantic & Hilton Promo up to 15K miles


I love a good promo and the market competition especially when it works well for me and you. 

It is time for the autumn promotions to kick in and Hilton announced their Virgin miles promo, in my opinion,generous promotion for up to 15,000 miles for 5 stays. There is no minimum stay requirement which means that five one night stays in full Hilton property will see you receive 15,000 Virgin Atlantic miles. 

As they run regular discount % of reward seats this can be very nice promo that you take advantage of now and for the future. As you know in my book I do make a reference toVirgin Atlantic and how you can use them for flights for Umrah, so it is worth checking it out. 

As always you have to have your Hilton account to Virgin Atlantic for your double dip. This can be easily done from your account and then preferences once you log in. 

You can find the details and registration HERE

You will need to book and stay between the 1st of Sept to 30th of Nov. Note only bookings after registration count. 

Happy Travels 🙂


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