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The worst passengers to travel with! Are you guilty?

Expedia did their 2015 Airplane Etiquette Study about the most hated co-passengers on planes. 1,000 people approximately replied.

The majority of them saying they hate seat kickers. Which is totally understandable considering how tiny and uncomfortable seats are. I for one hate someone kicking my seat however I have to admit sometimes I am guilty of it too. I try to be polite and keep “still” but honestly long-haul flights can be a nightmare especially if you are trying to get comfortable and sleep.

Second “winners” were parents with little control over their children. The study talks about Inattentive parents so I am not sure what they mean. I don’t have children and I do try to be sympathetic to parents however indeed sometimes kids can get loud. I am not sure how someone knows if the parents are inattentive or not if a baby is crying for example due to ear pain. But after the sixth hour I just tune in on a movie or something.

The third “winner” is the “Aromatic passenger” someone who gives out a certain smell. Yes, I agree with this one for sure. 🙂 Actually on my recent flight from Doha to Amsterdam the passenger next to me wasn’t smelly per say but the grilled meat she brought into the plane to eat for dinner was. I know plane food is not the best but the smell made me sick too.

You can find the study here or check the infographic below. expedia inforgrpahic

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