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Tesco ClubCard Promotion for Virgin and Avios Vouchers

Tesco Clubcard has announced the promotions for British Airways / Avios and Virgin when converting your vouchers to either of them.

Tesco & Virgin Promotion 20% Extra

Tesco Clubcard and Virgin Flying Club are offering  you 20% extra miles if you convert your vouchers between the 1st of February and the 14th of March.

Also if you choose to auto-convert you can earn extra 1,000 miles.

You can find more information here.

Usually when you convert your Tesco vouchers to Virgin you receive 625 miles for every £2,5 of vouchers. With this promotion your will receive  750 miles for every £2,5.

Previous years they have run more generous offers however considering the current times and the economy is picking up this doesn’t seem to be a bad horrible  deal. Especially if you have plan and use for the miles.

I will most likely transfer some vouchers to top up my Virgin account for a redemption I have in mind from Dubai. Dubai to London, even in Premium economy, is a decent redemption in my opinion; especially for the 7 hour flight. I was very impressed by their Upper class product even though I had a reservation before flying. Will be posting the review soon.

Tesco & British Airways/ Avios Promotion

Not surprising it is a competition time again!

I am not very keen on these competitions and I have never exchanged my vouchers during this kind of promotion. I feel that they are taking the “mick”. Seriously with 25 prizes for 15,000 avios considering they have thousands on their books not sure what your chances are, but I wouldn’t hold my breathe.

The competitions are slightly different yet the same:

British Airways

You will receive one entry for every £5 you convert during the promotional period. Details Here


You will receive one entry for every £2,5 you convert during the promotional period. If you are planning on converting your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to Avios miles then you are better of converting to and then merging them into your British Airways account if a redemption is not available on the website. Details Here

You have from 29th of January to 29th of February to make the conversion and enter into the prize draw. 

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