Sisters Trip to Athens with MuslimTravelGirl

Exploring Athens like a local with like minded sisters, for a fun experience.

  • Dates

    3rd to 7th of December Athens

  • Flights

    Flights are with Ryanair from London (do not include luggage)

  • Hotel

    The hotels is Hilton Athens.

  • Transport

    Transport is covered from/to airport plus public transport.

The style of the trip

This is a sisters only trip. It will be a relaxed exploration of Athens and everything it has to offer. I will be joining and show you around my city from all the touristy spots to the most local way of life. We will keep in the safe zones and explore the city. If we have time we will take a day trip to another city. Since the group is small we can make some extra decisions. This trip is perfect opportunity to have a travel buddy, to explore together as sisters, to develop bonds and to see a different city. It is perfect for travel loving sisters, outgoing, loving to make new relationships, have fun, eat local food, and of course adventurous. What is Included in the trip:

  • Awesome sisterhood trip /laugh & fun
  • Flights from London
  • 5 star Hotel (Hilton Athens)in safe location including breakfast
  • Tour Guide (me)
  • Visit to all main attractions (budget friendly, extra)
  • Off the beaten path / local style travel
  • Public Transport Passes
  • Access to Acropolis & the Acropolis Museum
  • To/From the Airport transport.
  • Halal food Options (extra)

Total price: £650 if booked after 5th of Sept. *The rooms are based on two sharing a room. **

If you wish to buy your own flights from a different airport then £50 will be deducted of the price of the package. However You will be responsible for your own flights. 

I will require a deposit of £200 to reserve your spot with flights or £150 without flights. Which you can pay below.

Full payment must be made by 15th of November. I will email you close to the date with a reminder.

As I am not an agent that amount will not be refundable in case of you cancelling last minute. Flights cannot be cancelled, unfortunately.

I am always looking for the cheapest & best option and sometimes these are non-refundable 🙁Otherwise, it will get out of my own pocket. )



The flights are from London included in the price. (If you do not want the flights to be included from London then please let me know, the price will be £50 less. You will be responsible for your own flight.) You can pay the deposit (minus this below).

Any other sister who wants to join but not from the UK I am more than happy to offer to find her cheapest flights. These are not included in the price. However, do contact me and I will look for the best flight option.

I would love sisters from other countries to join us inshAllah so let’s find the best flights for you 🙂

Maximum 10 participants inshaAllah (keep it small and fun)


I will require a deposit of £200 to reserve your spot with flights or £150 without flights.

 Please pay the deposit below ( you will be re-directed to a paypal page), this way you can secure your spot in the group. Deposits are non refundable as they will be taken for securing the hotel, flights and buying the passes. If you opt for the price without the flight make sure you book your flights as soon from your local airport. If you need help let me know.

  • Q.Are they single hotel rooms?

    A.The price is based on two sharing a room. If you want to have your own room, the price will increase so please do email me for this.

  • Q.How cold is in Athens during December?

    A.Athens is a Mediterranean country so it is not too cold especially beginning of December. Temperatures is about 15degrees. However that time is quite so you can explore more and it is not too expensive.

  • Q.What meals are included ?

    A.Breakfast in the hotel is included, any extra meals will be extra. I am working on something on my end to keep this cost down inshaAllah. Once I have news I will let you know. 🙂

  • Q.I can't travel from London can I join in?

    A.Most definitely. You don’t have to travel from London. I thought it will be nice to travel together, but since we are globetrotters and we live in different cities, you can come from anywhere else you want.
    You will have to book your own flights to Athens. The price of the price then will be minus £50 which was your flight. The money for the flight will be deducted from the final payment. Please email me saying you want to book your own flights.

    Please note that you will have to arrive in Athens before /around 3pm on 3rd of December.

  • Q.How much spending money will we need?

    A.For a trip to of 4 nights 5 days £300 will be sufficient. I will be trying to keep the cost down on everything else and go off the beaten path and where locals eat and go out. This way we will not be paying tourist prices. 🙂

  • Q.Why these two hotels?

    A.I have been to both properties, they are in safe area, close to public transport and have good reputation. Many of the hotels in the city centre of Athens are close to immigrant areas and I definitely want to avoid this. I don’t recommend tourists stay in these areas. Especially as a group of girls. Athens is safe but like in any other city some areas are better than others.