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NEW Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel Is Now Open for Umrah in Ramadan

As you know I always follow the news on the new Makkah and Medina hotels since we do cover a lot of Umrah deals here on MuslimTravelGirl.

If you have been checking out the Hilton Hotels for Umrah this year you will have seen the new Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel which was not available for bookings until now.

This is a new property close to Haram part of the Jabal Omar development which once completed will look stunning in my opinion. Hilton has planned several hotels in the city and there are many other brands coming up as well.

Check out the hotel here. 

I am really happy to see new options coming for Umrah and new better hotels with hopefully better services. Especially as the old established ones are in need of renovation and better customer service.

Over the years we will see the area transformed and this brings more opportunity for competition and also higher standards.

The Hilton Makkah Convention hotel features 764 rooms, fitness centre, 3 restaurants, 1 bad and 7 meeting rooms as well as executive rooms with lounge access. I am very keen to know why it is named convention centre since in Makkah only Muslims are allowed and the usually business around there is Umrah. I mean, I can’t imagine pilgrims holding meetings there but maybe they are trying to attract more business customers from Muslim majority countries.

I will try and contact the hotel while on Umrah to check it out and have some proper photos to show you insha’Allah but for now here are the mock up photos from the Hilton website. The Property is open now and you can make bookings for May and June as well. It is still a little cheaper of the other properties in the area and currently, during the beginning of May, they offer the Executive rooms for as little as £112. This is a great price since you receive lounge access with breakfast, snacks, and drinks free throughout the day.

During the begging of Ramadan the prices are £160 which is still decent for a brand new hotel.

Usually, new hotels that are just opening will have some hiccups and the service can be spotty. But of course, the price and deals you receive is good value.

Once the hotel gets more established the prices will rise. I am not saying they will have bad customer service it’s only normal when you start such a bug property.

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