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New Avios Weekly Promo gives you 50% off selected routes

New Avios Weekly Promo gives you 50% off selected routes

Avios has started a new weekly promotion that gives you 50% off selected routes every week.

The catch? You just have to book one week in advance starting Friday and up to the following Friday. 

The deal is offered for selected routes for 50% of the normal Avios rate. However you will still pay full taxes.

The good thing is that they have intercontinental flights as well where domestic connection is still free; you do have to pay full taxes but you can end up with 50% or 25% less Avios.

One of the best features is the flexibility on when you can return from your trips.  You can for example leave on Friday and return on Tuesday, which means you will pay 50% Avios for Friday and the full Avios for Tuesday essentially giving you 25% discount.

You can find all the information on Note it is only bookable on Avios rather than

It is good if:

  • You love last minute deals
  • You have little Avios and not sure how you can use them
  • You want to travel but only available to travel weekends
  • You live in London or close to London since it is easier
  • Have an adventurous spirit 🙂
  • You are able to find cheap hotels or you can use some points especially in popular cities

One great route for Muslim travellers will be Jeddah.  However i doubt we will see this route since it’s very popular. If we do  the only issue is you may not get a visa on time. One day maybe Saudi will be open for online visas and it would be a cool deal to see for a short weekend break in Makkah. Maybe one day!

I would love to see this deal extended for Flybe flights because this will be easier for people who do not live in London to take advantage of it. It is trickier to use this considering the amount of time it takes to travel to London. Most likely it is better to book a low-cost option and go direct from Manchester than having to fly or drive to London to make a connection if you are going somewhere for 2 days. If you want to use Avios and fly down you will still pay the full amount of Avios plus taxes.

This offer reminds me a lot of the KLM Monthly promo awards which I do cover every month. It seems to be a competition in a way for the two airlines. You can check out my article here on the 5 reasons why you should pay attention to KLM.

p.s. If you have a British Airways family account you can move Avios into and book the offer. You cannot however move points from your if it is a family account.

(Thanks to Raffles from Head for Points on this as I would have missed it)

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