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My new page with cool travel quotes

I love quotes!

I don’t know if it has to do with my Greek roots or my personality but I love quotes and metaphors so much that I use them daily mainly because we have so many in the Greek language. No wonder we such philosophers and not always in our own interest if I may say.

I have created a new page called “Travel Quotes” where I will post all the quotes I create and share on social media. I find it such a shame that after sometime they are forgotten so I decided to dedicate a section to them. I am also looking for Islamic quotes and traditions on travel which I will be adding as well. There are a lot we can learn from that part of the world and it is also a good reminder for my Muslim readers and hopefully for the non Muslims who can learn something new.

Please by all means share, like and use the quotes if you liked them. 🙂


As always, Happy Travels 🙂

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