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KLM Promo Awards – March for bookings until end of June

KLM Promo Awards are out. They actually released them earlier than usual since they were upload on Friday but the correct award was not showing on the system until Sunday in some cases.

This month’s picks are quite good if you are looking to travel to the Middle East for example. I wrote an article why I believe it’s time to pay attention to KLM  and I think I will cover their Promo Awards every month since they do make for a nice change with the BA devaluation coming in April.

I was looking into a flight to Kuwait with the previous promo awards and I am so happy I didn’t book it. I was about to when I saw on Friday they uploaded the new routes. My end destination was Dubai anyways so now I can just book to Dubai saving the hassle of transiting.

You can find all the new routes for booking until the end of March and travel between May  and June here.

The best ones I can see are Cairo, Dubai and Amman plus Doha. Since you can book until the end of June this will be during Ramadan and it might make a nice break in an Islamic country. These cost only 20,000 miles return and the taxes are considerably less, approximately £160.

KLM Promo Awards Muslim Travel Girl

KLM has a regular promotion for the Riyadh route however keep in mind that you cannot go for Umrah with this route unfortunately. Those who want to go for Umrah can only enter from Jeddah, Medina and Yanbu however there are few other ways to do this if you follow my Umrah report.

If any of you are planning on attending ILM Fest in Malaysia in May, the Bangkok promotion might not be a bad choice. You can book a very cheap flight with AirAsia from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur for about £40.

BKK KLM Promo  Awards by Muslim Travel Girl

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