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My Journey “From Ordinary to Extraordinary” podcast with Barakah Biz Network

Even though the title makes me blush since I don’t think I am close to extraordinary I am really excited to share with you this podcast.

My friend Victoria who started the podcast with an aim to inspire Muslims to be more entrepreneurial really does a great job. We actually met when she bought my book “Umrah under £300” and I helped her with her Umrah package. She managed to perform Umrah and fly in business class for less than the price she would pay for one package. So she is a real life example of how awesome it is to perform Umrah without breaking the bank 🙂

I loved being interviewed and talking about my journey with my many businesses, my family, this blog and what I have learned as a Muslim entrepreneur. There is such a great Muslim talent and I am honoured if I can inspire or help anyone.

The Ordinary to Extraordinary podcast will be interviewing a new inspiring Muslim entrepreneur every week so you can tune in weekly to get a dose of inspiration. 🙂

Click here or in the image below to listen to the podcast.

Ordinary to Extraordinary podcast

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