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Free train ticket if are you a Travel Blogger & Going to Asia

I was looking for some choices and exploring the world wide web when I came across this interesting promotion. If you are a travel blogger and going to Asia, the 12Go website is offering you a free ticket IF you simply do a full trip report. This doesn’t sound like a bad offer to me since most of us are already going to review the trip so why not make it free.

It is the first time that I came across such an offer especially since it is prominently advertised on their website.

12go free train ticket

You can access the full offer here.

But in short you will need a laptop, a good camera and a full report of your travel.

12Go are an Asian booking website that offers train travel with a combination with ferry or coach travel in Asia.

I was actually looking for a fun train trip from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur as part of an adventure and I might apply myself for this free train offer. 🙂

I love trains it is so much more enjoyable travel by train than any other transportation method in my opinion. You have the opportunity to slowly take in the beauty of the country while also stretching your legs and walking around.



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