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Free £5 Amazon gift card when you sign up for TopCashback (& why you should do it!)


I have said it many times over. I love cashback websites and everything that can save me money to add to my travel jar.

Topcashback is one of the main UK sites that offers some great cashback rates and offers. I save hundreds of pounds a year  since I buy most of my things online; even if I have seen them in store.

At the moment Topcashback offer a £5 free Amazon Gift Card to those who sign up and open a new account.

So if you don’t have a Topcashback account, not sure why you wouldn’t, you must do it.

Click here to sign up for and receive the gift card

You will receive the Free Amazon card once you accumulate £10 in your Topcashback account.

This is pretty easy if you are planning some half term fun. You can earn £10 back when you spend £100 on a hotel booking with any major website and the majority of them offer 10% cashback.

Here are my top 3 reasons of why I love Topcashback

  1. They save me money on when buying things I already need. Usually we pay extra for the marketing and branding or even overheads and with cashback I feel I always receive something back. Plus I only shop for things I would buy anyway. Like utilities, travel and general shopping. This way I don’t spend on useless things just for the sake of accumulating cash  (by spending it!)
  2. Topcashback lets you transfer up to £50 per year into your Tesco Clubcard account which is great since this translates into 12,000 Avios or Virgin miles. Enough for a free trip in Europe, minus the £35 in taxes.
  3. I add the money I accumulate into my travel jar, this way even if I don’t need the cash straight away they are safely stored into my Topcashback account so when I am looking for deals I can just transfer them to my bank account and book. Or I can transfer them to a gift card with some major retailers and earn 5% extra. Especially now that I am buying furniture and I have a love affair with TK Maxx. 🙂 is  the UK version as there is also a US version with a .com however the £5 voucher doesn’t apply. If you live in the US I would definitely sign up and use the site for exactly the same reasons mentioned above.

I am not sure for how long the £5 Amazon voucher is ‘live’ however nothing stops you from registering now even if you don’t use the site for a year as it will still pay you out once you reach the minimum £10 spend.

You can sign up using the link here and receive your £5 gift card

You can read here about some ways to maximise your Topcashback when using Avios or for flights and hotel programs.

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