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Excellent Budget Friendly DIY Umrah Packages for September 2019

We have put together some excellent cheap and budget-friendly DIY Umrah packages for September 2019.

With Ramadan over and Hajj on the way, many people are starting to look for the best time to book their next DIY Umrah package.

In many cases booking your own do-it-yourself Umrah is always cheaper and easier to plan than many people think.

Make sure you check out our full guide on how to plan and organise your Umrah.

The purpose of this series will be to provide you with information on the best hotels and deals for the specific month. This post concentrates on DIY Umrah for September 2019 which is the month that the Umrah will open.

If you want full information on how to go about booking and planning everything with ease, not just the prices and deals make sure you check out the Ultimate DIY Umrah guide and the DIY Umrah page.

There you will find everything you need for planning and information guidance.

Umrah Season Start 

The new Umrah season normally opens on the first of Muharram. So this year (2019) it will be around the 1st of September.

Normally I always recommend that you wait a couple of weeks for the dust to settle and any new rules imposed by the Saudi government to solidify. Sometimes they change their mind and the rules a few weeks after the new season.

Once we have the details for the Umrah price and exact rules I will update the post with all the details.

Currently, as it stands the price for an Umrah visa will be £150 and you can now issue an E-visa as well so you don’t have to send your passport to your agent.

If you use Prince Visa in the UK you will receive a 20% off your visa price. If you are in the USA you can use Rendevouz travel.

The price for those who have been in the past three Hijri years is still 2000SAR and this will be paid extra.

DIY Umrah Budget Package September 2019

As I mentioned above, I personally don’t plan on going in the first week just so we make sure that any plans and rules don’t change.

For the past few years when the repeat Umrah rule came, they changed their minds but people who had paid the 2000SAR per person never received a refund. Some families lost thousands!

To avoid this we will look at Umrah offers for the middle of September.

Below are examples of cities and dates. If they don’t work for you can always click the link and adjust the dates, location etc. 

  • Dates: Mid September
  • Duration: 10 days
  • People: Based on two people (children travel free in many hotels and under 2 free on flights)
  • Flights: The best option, either direct or indirect  from the UK and USA
  • Hotels: Luxury and Budget options. The best hotel offers are available.
  • Booking: You can book directly if you click on the link. If you are living in a different country, just click the flight link for your own country. (some of the links are an affiliate but I never suggest sites I don’t use and you will be supporting the site).

Flights From the UK to Saudi Arabia For Umrah 

There are so many options when it comes to flights that it is a personal choice. It will depend on your airport of departure and whether you like direct flights or just the cheapest option to get you from A to B.

I prefer if travelling with children and the elderly to just book the most convenient option which is normally direct.

However, this will also mean that I might lose the option to fly straight into Medinah airport and avoid the long queue at Jeddah airport.

Below are three options for flights from London to Saudi Arabia and the price difference to give you an indication.

For my flight booking, I monitor flights with Google Flights but I book with Skyscanner which recently also introduced an option of monitoring flights.

Booking flights 2-3 months in advance can save you hundreds of pounds as majority of people do so last minute.

One of my favourite options with Skyscanner is that I can see the prices for a flight either by “cheapest month” or by any month as below. So if a flight is cheaper during the week than the weekend, which is usually the case I can save more money.

How to look for all cities option

Umrah package flight with return from London for Umrah Sept 2019

Direct and Indirect flight options for September 2019

Umrah package Sept 2019 Open jaw flight

Open-jaw ticket arriving in Medinah and leaving from Jeddah

Flights From the US to Saudi Arabia For Umrah  September 2019

The flights from the UK work in a similar way. It is very easy to actually book your own flights from any city in the United States and plan your own Umrah.

I have readers doing so from the East Coast or the West Coast and anywhere in between.

Prices vary so I would recommend looking as well at the Skyscanner option for the cheaper date of the month prior to booking. This way you can save some money and still enjoy a great time.

As an example, I have taken flights from New York to Jeddah for Mid September 2019 for Umrah. You can always change the city once you click the link.

But from the calendar, it seems that the dates for flights from the US to Jeddah are cheaper at different times than those in the UK, therefore it is adjusted for those.

As you can see the open jaw flight actually looks like a good offer since it is $45 cheaper and saves you time and extra money to travel from Jeddah to Medina and return.

Flights from New York to Jeddah for Sept 2019

Flights from New York to Jeddah

Open jaw ticket for budget Umrah September 2019

Open-jaw ticket from New York to Medinah and Jeddah

Please note prices of these flights are as per writing this post. If you are to check the prices make sure you do so and book before they go up or if not sure just create an alert for when they go lower. Flexibility is always a key as well for good deals.

Hotels for Budget Umrah Package 

Booking hotels for a DIY Umrah are very similar to any other holiday, plus there are so many options to chose from.

You just find the hotel that fits your needs and budget and reserves it. Usually booking hotels in the off-peak season is always great as prices are lower.

Below are my recommendations for hotels in both cities. These are properties that I have stayed, reviewed or readers have provided feedback on.

I have split the hotels in both cities to 5 days just so they are equal, of course, you can decide to change those to fit your needs.

The beauty of a DIY umrah package is that it can be as cheap, as flexible and as good as you want it to be without overpaying.

I book the majority of my travel when I don’t have any loyalty with hotels via since they provide a free night after every 10 nights.

The free night can be used later once the stays are completed and it is worth the medium of your 10 nights. It is by far the easiest loyalty program which in essence gives you back about 10% of your cost.

The rooms below are for two people sharing and also can include a small child.

Hotels in Medinah for 5 nights

(16 Sept – 21 Sept)

Hotels in Medinah for Umrah in Sept 2019

Sample of the hotel prices for Umrah in Sept

Hotels in Makkah for 5 nights 

(21 Sept – 26 Sept)

Hotels in Makkah for budget Umrah in Sept 2019

For example of hotels in Makkah for Umrah in September, click the link for all hotels.

Depending on your level of luxury/budget and how far you want to be the prices of hotels in Makkah for September are very good.

Personally, I would choose the Hilton Makkah Convention as it is the cheapest option within walking distance from Haram (they also provide a bus for those that can’t walk).

It is a new hotel and the lounge is worth upgrading to if you enjoy food and want to relax.

It had the best lounge experience from all the Hilton hotels in the area. Plus you can earn points or even redeem points if you have any.

If you are on a really tight budget then the Ibis hotel is a great option. They offer a bus service to Haram and since it is not busy during September it can be a good option as well.

Prices in Medinah for those dates seem a little higher than normal, you can spend some more time in Makkah to enjoy cheaper accommodation.

Transportation for Umrah 

We have covered transportation on this site very extensively, so I wouldn’t go into too much detail you can read all about it here.

Now with the new Haramain train, it is so easy to connect from between the Holy cities. It takes less than 3 hours and it is the safest option available.

If you are a large family you might want to consider the open-jaw flight so you can save on transport as well. I always write down all the options and prices to make sure I either have maximum savings or maximum comfort for the price I am paying.

For large families, the SAPTCO bus can be a great option as well as it is cheaper than the train. I would personally avoid hiring a driver as they are overtired and accidents happen.

Overall for two people the price of the transport from either city one way is £35 per person with the Haramain train.

For excursions, you can use the tour bus in Medinah or hire a taxi for Makkah which is cheaper and easier. Just make sure you negotiate with the drivers in advance.

Total Price for Umrah Package in September 2019

As I have mentioned above, the price will depend on your needs, however, I want to show you that it is possible to enjoy a cheap Umrah DIY package on your own by saving money and planning it yourself.

I have helped thousands of people do this and I hope it can inspire you to enjoy it as well.

  • Flights from the UK: £496  open-jaw flight per person
  • Hotel in Makkah: £367 -Hilton Convention Hotel
  • Hotel in Medina: £409 – Pullman ZamZam (it is newer property)
  • Transport: £130 (includes train to Mecca and taxi to Jeddah airport)
  • Umrah Visas: £120 per person
  • Total Umrah for two people: £2138 / £1069 per person all in. (this will include about £80 of cashback on your hotel stay if you book via

This is NOT the cheapest package but it is a luxurious package of 4-star hotels all around for this price. Usually, a price like this in an agent package will be almost 50% extra.

If you want to remain within a budget then you can reduce the hotel costs and stay in the Ibis and either skip Medinah or just stay a couple of days in Medinah.

By doing this you will reduce your flight ticket plus your hotel costs you will be going for a cheap / budget Umrah costing you only £730 per person. 

The above is an example to help you with an average cost, the prices are correct at the time of writing this article. If you want to know the updated prices please check the links as they will provide the up to date pricing.

This I also hope to serve as a piece of information that it is best to plan your Umrah early for maximum savings.

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