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Didn’t see this coming! Umrah in Ramadan Overview

umrah in ramadan

It is time to start the review of our Umrah in Ramadan. An amazing experience on so many levels. This trip wasn’t planned and I think it was just an inner desire I had that Allah (God) answered for me. I wrote a piece on whether one should go for Umrah in Ramadan or not and I still strongly believe it is very expensive; especially if I were to pay cash. The trip in cash would have cost us in total £20,000, however we paid approximately £2,000 including a few days in Dubai plus the Umrah visas, and every penny was worth it.

It all started with me typing the wrong hotel name into the Hyatt search box. I meant to type Abu Dhabi and for some reason I typed Makkah. Go figure. I saw that the Hyatt regency in Makkah which was meant to open on the 15th of July (soft opening) opened at the beginning of  Ramadan to accommodate guests. It all started from there really. As a joke I told  my husband what he thinks if we went for Umrah, it wasn’t very difficult to convince him on this one. 😉

We were contemplating the whole weekend to the virtues and importance of Umrah in Ramadan. The more I looked into it the more it seemed like it was possible. At the end we decided to give it a go since I really consider this to be a gift from God and such a huge blessing. We were planning an Eid trip to the Middle East so why not add an Umrah as well. Everything seemed to fall into place so easy. Alhumdulillah (Thank God). 🙂

The trip of course is not your typical trip, there were so many aspects and there is SO much flying around it was crazy. This two weeks will see us fly eight flights instead of a mere two we could have taken. But this wouldn’t be as fun. 🙂

Umrah in Ramadan, especially in the last 10 nights is a very busy period for Saudi and the Middle East so in a way I am very lucky we even found these flights just a few days before visas close. Considering that a similar package for the last 10 nights was costing £5,000 per person the price we paid was a bargain.

Now I am not saying this to brag but to rather show Muslims and people who don’t believe that it is possible to do this. After all it is the reason for the existence of this website. Helping Muslims explore the world without breaking the bank.

I wanted to maximise my trip and all my points. Needless to say I spent most of my points for this trip, even the one I couldn’t find use for such as Virgin Atlantic miles. Oh and it’s was in business as you might have seen on social media! Yay! My first ever full trip in business and in some of the best business class options available such as the new Etihad business studio. Seriously flying economy after this will be very hard but it surely makes you more appreciative.

The trip was a blast and I made some awesome new friends in the process. Makkah feels like going back home now and I am so happy for this. This Ramadan Umrah made up for the ‘not so great time and impression’ I had from the January trip.

The itinerary of the trip was crazy and it looks like this.

  • London- Zurich
  • A night in Zurich exploring the city and a review of the Radisson Blue Airport hotel
  • A flight from Zurich to Abu Dhabi to pray in my favourite mosque. Sheikh Zayed mosque in Abu Dhabi and meet a great friend.
  • Flight to Jeddah via Bahrain on Gulf Air Business class, including denied boarding and a downgrade to economy. You can read more about it here and here.
  • Stay at the new Hyatt Regency Makkah, this is the longest we have stayed in one property
  • A night stay in Intercontinental Dar Al-Tawhid; what was the fuss about this property?
  • Flights to Dubai via Bahrain on Gulf Air, thankfully all in business and no incidents
  • Two night stay in the new Hyatt Regency Creek Heights, a nice new property
  • Two night stay in Waldorf Astoria The Palm Dubai with an upgrade to an amazing suite and a few hiccups
  • Business Class on Virgin Atlantic from Dubai to London including a nice Afternoon tea in the air!
  • Back home on a First class train from London to Leeds; it’s always good to be home.

In short this is what our two-week itinerary looked like. Busy flying and changing hotels but the experiences and meeting friends along the way is always worth it.

I will be reviewing as I go along and tagging the appropriate options. I will also be sharing how I booked each flight and hotel. If the review becomes to long I will make another article for the redemption. I know this will be particularly useful to my new readers who are just starting and looking to learn more. 🙂


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