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100 Tesco Clubcard points for £1-maximum of 2000 = 4800 Avios


 This is a super cool offer and I am totally taking advantage of this, I am not even sure how I missed it.

Tesco doesn’t own only supermarkets but many other businesses, they promote them via Tesco and the biggest advantage is that you can earn Clubcard points on them. Blinkbox books is one of their ventures and currently they are offering 100 clubcard points for £1 or more on ebooks.

This means you can earn very cheap Tesco clubcard points and then convert them to Avios. You can buy maximum of 20 books and you can earn 2000 clubcard points which are converted to 4800 Avios, this is enough for one way to France or Germany.

You can earn  another 2000 points if you have a different clubcard account as well. For £20 you can get yourself some books and earn some points.

Note that the 100 clubcard points are awarded per transaction, so you will have to pay for each ebook separately  and it ends 30th of June.

I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this offer as it will be great towards your Avios pot, and trust me you will want to have more Avios for some great adventures.

You can find more details here:

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